Milei Moneda Presale Buzz Sparks Excitement for UNI and Aptos Holders Seeking Reparative Gains


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  • Aptos plans to unlock 25 million APT tokens; APT’s altcoin price is set to dip due to an unbalanced supply. 
  • SEC hits Uniswap with allegations, and UNI’s price hits the decks.
  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) continues to dominate the crypto spotlight with presale buzz.

Bitcoin’s halving is coming, the profits fever is mounting, and many top DeFi coins can’t seem to stay on track with their streaks in 2024. Many of the top crypto coins got to their ATH, and thanks to Bitcoin’s pump, they are battling price corrections now. Aptos (APT) and Uniswap (UNI) are among the latest coins to be hit by bearish waves; let’s see how the tokens are faring at the moment.

Meanwhile, their investors are shifting focus to Milei Moneda ($MEDA), a new meme coin offering memes and DeFi prospects–and more profits!

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Aptos Set for Another Dip With Token Unlock

Like many other altcoins, the Aptos Network kept some of its token supply locked from launch to keep its early investors from dumping the project all at once. Unfortunately, the news is ill-timed, as the APT token is not in the best shape.

APT has been trading on weekly losses, and these only worsened after the news of yet another token unlock event. Aptos is set to release some 25 million APT tokens as part of its plans for the year. Following trends, Aptos’ APT token seems to dip considerably after such events. This is normal, as the circulating supply will outweigh the demand for APT.

Aptos seems set for a downward spiral in the following month, but Coincodex analysis shows that APT coin could spike by 30% in the next week. However, the sentiment around Aptos is bearish after the token underperformed the crypto market. Maybe in the next few days, APT will join the best crypto investments on the block.

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SEC Strikes Again, and It’s Uniswap This Time

The Securities and Exchange Commission has been associated with some sort of villainy in the cryptocurrency story. The regulatory body in the US began an investigation into the Uniswap project and issued a Wells notice last week. Uniswap’s altcoin price and investors do not love the look of things.

Usually, such a notice is a prelude to actual legal action, and Uniswap Labs has stated that it plans to fight the allegations, defending DeFi. Already, the Uniswap founder Hayden Adams is anticipating a lawsuit that could stretch all the way to the Supreme Court. It’s already looking bad for the top DeFi projects, including the native governance token UNI.

UNI has taken some hits in the aftermath of the news. In the past 24 hours, UNI has slipped by 13.4%, and it could get a lot worse if the case is protracted. Then again, a victory like Ripple’s last year could see UNI–and most top DeFi coins–spared the bearish waves. 

Memes With DeFi: Get the Best of Both Worlds With Milei Moneda

$MEDA token is a meme coin through and through, but surely, there can’t be much harm in infusing some bit of DeFi in the protocol. Milei Moneda‘s philosophy is to get top DeFi projects featured on its platform, offering real-life utility to the rest of the crypto-verse. Long-term profits and relevance lie in providing real-world applications, and that’s exactly what the $MEDA token is about.

With the community solidly behind $MEDA, we might see the best of DeFi on Milei Moneda’s platform. Using $MEDA tokens as governance tokens, the members will propose DApps and features to develop Milei Moneda into a hub for DeFi use.

And it won’t be for nothing. Users stand to gain loads of benefits for their activity and contributions to Milei Moneda. From exclusive, trending NFTs to monthly giveaways and incentives for the best governance proposals, your $MEDA investments are sure to return gains before long.

But it all starts with the presale. Milei Moneda tokens are in Stage 2 and selling for $0.0125, some 25% above their opening price. You can join in the fun, too, and scoop up 60% of profits by mid-year.

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