NEAR Protocol and Arkham Lead AI Crypto Charge as New Token, Raboo, Brings in Its First Presale Million


For years, NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and Arkham (ARKM) have shown the unbeatable possibilities of integrating artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies. However, Raboo is riding this wave of enthusiasm as the AI-powered token flies past the million-dollar mark in their presale. This hot new crypto and its groundbreaking potential have unlocked a new era for the AI-powered meme-backed DeFi ecosystem. This article will explore how these trio raise the AI crypto standard with full-strength ingenuity.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR): Scalable and developer-friendly AI-powered blockchain platform

NEAR Protocol has laid an excellent framework for innovative projects like Raboo to build upon. The layer one network became famous for its exceptional focus on efficient dApp and DeFi development. Central to NEAR Protocol‘s architecture is its Nightshade sharding design, which is for cost-effectiveness, high throughput, low latency, and optimum security.

The recent surge in AI crypto has again shone the light on the NEAR Protocol. According to its co-founder, the layer-one network has started hiring AI engineers for its AI roadmap activities. This has greatly improved investors’ interest and market sentiment on the NEAR Protocol. In the past seven days alone, NEAR leaped by over 16% as a buying frenzy sent $NEAR’s 24-hour trading volume to $497M.

Arkham (ARKM): A marketplace for crypto intelligence

Even before its launch, Arkham has built an excellent reputation on the AI crypto front. The AI-powered blockchain analysis platform leverages an ULTRA AI engine for real-time data and portfolio tracking, exchange flow analysis, and security. Arkham goes beyond its analytical offerings to its Intel Exchange. 

Since the year started, Arkham (ARKM) has shown a lot of upside potential that many experts deemed a hot new crypto in 2023. Although its price took a 24% dive in the past 30 days, its 7-day uptick of 23.5% highlights its huge potential and volatility of the crypto market. Despite its modest launch price of $0.6, Arkham has grown past $2.10 as its market cap steadies around $415M.

Raboo (RABT): A strategic AI crypto revolution dominates

While the AI crypto market seems crowded, Raboo has successfully carved its niche by innovatively merging AI wizardry with meme culture. The project emerges as a beacon of strategic innovation and community engagement. Unlike its counterparts, Raboo doesn’t just make promises—it delivers on them with well-defined strategies backed by concrete plans. 

It also cultivates a vibrant community and aims to establish itself as a leader in the meme coin sector. Furthermore, Raboo’s SocialFi model empowers RABT token holders to earn additional tokens by actively participating in various challenges and activities. Despite being a newcomer, Raboo has already amassed over 4,000 registered members and 1,400 RABT token holders. Its presale is still hot at a competitive price of $0.0042 in ongoing stage three, providing a life-changing entry point for investors.


The AI crypto revolution is gaining momentum, and savvy investors are beginning to recognize the huge potential of this innovative synergy. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and Arkham (ARKM) remain known stalwarts. But Raboo pioneers a new era of community-driven, AI-powered meme tokens. This potent combination establishes a dynamic ecosystem where innovation, fun, and engagement converge to drive the future of DeFi.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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