NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and Optimism (OP) Showcase Bullish Momentum – Meme Moguls (MGLS) To Launch on March 11th

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  • NEAR Protocol is getting significant attention as it is projected to spike over the $5 price barrier
  • Optimism jumped over $3 and can rise this wave towards breaching $4 as well
  • Meme Moguls to launch on March 11, while the presale will conclude on February 28

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and Optimism (OP) are both showcasing green signs on the charts and could soon initiate a market rally. As a result, they have piqued the interest of traders and investors on a global scale. 

Yet, the most significant appeal has gone towards the blockchain ICO of Meme Moguls (MGLS), especially following the announcement of a Uniswap listing and the game’s launch, which will occur on March 11. In addition, the presale will conclude on February 28, which has resulted in a rush towards getting as much of it as possible before the price hike. We will go over each one to determine which is the top crypto to buy.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Climbs 16% Year-to-Date – Price to Reach $5.19

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is picking up a lot of traction and is heading upward on the weekly chart. The  NEAR Protocol price chart data showcases how it moved up from $2.69 to $2.97 during the past week alone. In addition, its 16% up year-to-date (YTD), showcasing further bullishness is a possibility for the  NEAR Protocol crypto

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The MACD and RSI are moving upwards, and there is positive market sentiment surrounding its price movements that could result in a significant upswing in its value. Based on the on-chart performance, according to the NEAR Protocol price prediction, it can end in 2024 at $5.19.

Optimism (OP) Breaks Above the $3 Price Barrier – Can Rise As Far as $4.72

Optimism (OP) is also seeing a significant upswing in its performance, as its charts are green at the seven-day, 14-day, and 30-day marks. Moreover, the Optimism price dominates on the weekly chart as its range moved up from $2.84 to $3.34, and now, $4 is its next major price barrier. 

According to a technical overview of Optimism crypto, there is a buy signal as it demonstrates that the bulls are dominating the trend, and most of the analysts are on the buying side and support the bullish support. According to the Optimism price prediction, it can end in 2024 at $4.72.

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Meme Moguls (MGLS) to Launch on March 11 – Price to Spike 100x

Meme Moguls (MGLS) has seen a significant level of attention as the crypto world has begun buzzing about its future. Millions of tokens have already been sold in its ongoing crypto ICO, fueled by projections of massive returns and its ability to dethrone some of the most popular meme coins. 

MGLS could be the next big altcoin in this industry, as it features staking opportunities and massive utility. To get more MGLS, players can contribute their existing balance to the staking pool. By doing so, they become eligible for rewards based on their share of the pool and annual returns percentage.

Now, at Stage 5 of the presale, the MGLS token trades for just $0.0036. At Stage 6, the price of the MGLS crypto will be sold at $0.0042. It’s raised $2.1 million so far, and it’s getting close to raising $2.5 million. 

Moreover, the presale will end on February 28, and the game is set to launch on March 11. As a result, the hype is currently massive, and the crypto is projected to spike 100x. These aspects make MGLS the top crypto to buy.

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