Near protocol vs. Ethereum: Who’s the King? Will WW3Shiba Make the Bells Ring?


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The giants fight to gain the position of the best cryptocurrency today, even when they are not at their best numbers. Ethereum and Near Protocol are in this war, but it is the lesser-known names that are standing out on the market. The WW3Shiba, for example, is still in its presale phase and is already the focus of many investors. And for this crypto, expected to be the biggest P2E meme coin in 2024, top analysts predict the price could be 100x at the time of listing.

Ethereum struggles to stay at $3500 per token.

Ethereum’s numbers are not good. Currently, ETH is one of the titans of the market, precisely the second-biggest virtual currency. However, the token is far from its record value. In the last 30 days alone, the token’s price has fallen by more than 12%. These red numbers have impacted the market capitalization, currently at $393 billion (at the time of writing). And they also affected the Ethereum transaction volume in the last 24 hours, which decreased by 4.16%.

However, the community is still optimistic. Ethereum is a broad, well-structured ecosystem that offers a lot. The Dencun upgrade, carried out at the beginning of the year, improved network efficiency. The introduction of layer 2 scalability solutions, such as Polygon and Arbitrum, has alleviated congestion, and increased transaction capacity. And all of this shows the potential of the ETH crypto project.

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Near protocol faces a month that ends with more than a 33% reduction.

Near protocol’s native token, named NEAR, is accompanied by bright red numbers. Although it is still in 18th position, its market capitalization has fallen to  $5.4 billion, a decline of 9.11% (at the time of writing). The transaction volume in the last 24 hours was $255 million, an increase of 6.7%. And the price of the NEAR token, which cost almost $5.02 this month, apparently will have difficulty reaching $8.88, the mid-May price. 

The Near Foundation announced a 40% cut in its workforce in early 2024, as part of an internal restructuring to focus on higher-impact activities. It has also implemented a multichain transaction feature for users to transact across different blockchains from a single account. And all of this affected the Near Protocol, for better or for worse.

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WW3 Shiba on presale for just $0.001 attracts traders’ attention.

The crypto industry hopes that WW3 Shiba will become the new predecessor of SHIBA INU. This project with a lot of potential is still in the presale phase for just $0.001 per token. On the platform, users will be able to play, have fun, and win prizes ranging from additional tokens to real money prizes. Furthermore, 2% of all transactions on the network will be donated to organizations that save dogs from war.

But the advantages are countless. For example, the team tokens will be locked for 3 years. Additionally, the liquidity pool will also be locked for 10 years. Another positive point is that the smart contract has been independently verified as 100% secure by SolidProof. There are security and benefits, all in this single meme coin with the potential to be the best cryptocurrency today.

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