New DeeStream’s Presale Lures Stellar & Ripple Poised to Snatch Market Share from YouTube’s Grip: Presale Available Now


DeeStream’s latest presale is capturing significant attention from Stellar and Ripple investors, who see the potential to snatch considerable market share from YouTube. With a presale that promises innovative streaming solutions and a decentralized framework, DeeStream aims to offer a unique blend of transparency and user empowerment that could redefine content consumption.

Investors from Stellar and Ripple are particularly drawn to the potential disruption in traditional media landscapes, seeing DeeStream as a viable contender to break the long-standing dominance of platforms like YouTube.

Stellar Trying To Catch Up

Stellar is distinct in that it operates on a decentralized protocol that enhances financial inclusion by facilitating global transactions between people and financial institutions. Its native token, lumens, plays a critical role in the network by acting as a bridge that makes it less costly to trade assets across borders. This feature is particularly advantageous for regions with less developed banking infrastructure or where financial services are prohibitively expensive.​ 

The token reached its highest price of $0.938 in January 2018, reflecting significant interest and optimism in its early stages. However, its current price shows a considerable decrease from this peak of approximately $0.128. 

Stellar’s infrastructure is ideal for DeeStream, facilitating near-instant payments across borders, which is crucial for a global streaming platform. Stellar’s low-cost, high-speed transaction capabilities appeal to investors looking for platforms that can provide real-time revenue distribution to content creators globally.

Ripple Ensures Efficient Cross-Border Payments

Ripple is making waves in the world of international money transfers. Their strategy hinges on building partnerships with banks and financial institutions. These partnerships act as the foundation, the tracks upon which Ripple’s high-speed money train travels. The engine driving this train is Ripple’s innovative protocol, designed to propel transactions forward swiftly and cheaply.

What makes Ripple unique? Unlike traditional banking or some cryptocurrencies, which can be slow and expensive, Ripple utilizes a special system to confirm transactions in seconds at a lower cost. Additionally, Ripple’s network boasts versatility. It’s not limited to its own XRP cryptocurrency but functions as a multi-lane highway capable of handling various currencies and assets, allowing for diverse financial traffic to flow freely.

DeeStream Targets Major Market Share

With the strategic backing of Stellar and Ripple investors, DeeStream is well-positioned to challenge YouTube’s dominance in the streaming market. The presale phase is attracting attention due to its potential to revolutionize content monetization and global accessibility, promising a significant snatch of market share from established giants.

The inclusion of instant payout mechanisms in DeeStream’s platform architecture significantly elevates the user experience for content creators. This immediate financial recognition motivates high-quality content production and provides economic empowerment to creators, facilitating a sustainable content creation model that benefits both creators and viewers.

The stage two presale offers entry for a mere $0.06. Analysts predict a potential rise of 48x your investment by September, making DeeStream an attractive option for those seeking a reliable investment. 

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