New Fezoo Presale Draws Stellar & Ripple Eyeing Up Exchange Dominance as Bitcoin Faces Challenges


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Stellar and Ripple briefly showed signs of life in March, when both associated tokens appeared to have broken out of their years-long slump. But all that seems like ancient history as the second quarter of 2024 begins, with both tokens facing major retracements to begin April. Consequently, a good number of Stellar and Ripple holders are realigning their portfolios to accommodate investments that could outperform their heavy bags.

One of those projects is Fezoo, whose stage 1 presale launch has seen Stellar and Ripple holders among the early adopters taking out early positions in the decentralized trading platform. Learn why Fezoo is being tipped as one of the next top stars of the next bull market.

Market downturn erases Stellar gains in March

Stellar and its XLM token has virtually erased all its gains from last month, when it hit new yearly highs of $0.16. As of April 5th, Stellar was trading at $0.12, trading at an 11.5% loss in the past week. The retracement has everything to do with the fact that the Bitcoin rally has stalled, with the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization sliding below the $65,000 mark in the past 48 hours of trading. However, Stellar holders remain positive about XLM’s prospects heading into Q2 2024, with the phased rollout of its Soroban upgrade introducing smart contracts into its ecosystem as one of the potential growth catalysts.

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Ripple bears overcoming the bulls in April

Ripple holders are facing bearish headwinds yet again as XRP token prices sink to $0.57 as of April 5th. XRP is down 9% in the past week, with bears overcoming the bulls as is customary each time Ripple appears to be on the verge of a breakout. Ripple token prices are a far cry from its March highs of $0.73, back when Bitcoin soared past $73,000, instead plummeting to February levels as of press time. This quarter could prove to be another long one for long-suffering Ripple bagholders, as their holdings are outperformed by newer projects with greater upside potential, like Fezoo. 

Fezoo presale sees growing number of Stellar and Ripple new joiners

There’s no better way to shore up a floundering portfolio than investing in a low-cap gem that could turn in a potential 50x. Therefore, It should come as no surprise that Stellar and Ripple holders are heading to greener pastures by investing in Fezoo, which is fast becoming one of the hottest presale launches in 2024. 

Thousands of new investors are joining the Fezoo stage 1 presale launch after industry analysts tipped the decentralized trading platform for a potential 50x gain ahead of the bull run expected to arrive after the Bitcoin halving this April. Fezoo is a cost-efficient, self-custodial, and no-KYC decentralized exchange offering users a multitude of trading pairs to trade, farm yield, and provide liquidity using their crypto wallets. 

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Presale investors will also enjoy a raft of incentives, with Fezoo offering a sizable 50% revenue share from platform fees split evenly depending on how many Fezoo tokens they hold. With FEZ tokens available at just $0.013 during stage 1 of its launch and team tokens and platform liquidity locked for 16 months and 50 years, respectively, Fezoo could be the next moonshot of 2024.

Find out more about the Fezoo presale by visiting the website here.

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