New Presale DTX Outshining Celestia and Ripple with Impressive Performance


Price fluctuations are not uncommon in the crypto space, but several altcoins, including Celestia (TIA) and Ripple (XRP), have struggled more than others recently. The chips are down for both projects as bearish trends intensify as we go further into the month. Despite, the price swings, one project that stood strong was DTX, an emerging hybrid exchange platform that has presented a stronger resistance to the altcoin price hemorrhage that has hit the market. 

Celestia Downtrend

Celesita’s market cap has been on a consistent decline in recent days. The token witnessed a 20.8% drop in value in the past month and in an unfortunate turn of events, the coin has continued to lose momentum rather than gaining it. 

In the past week, the token has lost 15.3% of its value, and most recently, it recorded a 9.8% drop. It is currently selling at $9.51, but that figure is expected to go even lower following the halving. 

Celestia reached its ATH in February and has since plummeted 46% below its peak. Investor enthusiasm is at its lowest, and many are seeking to diversify their portfolios and cut their losses with the token. 

Ripple Down and Out 

XRP hit an ATH in March at $0.7440 and has since then been on a downward spiral crashing 18.5% in the past month. The token is currently selling at $0.4893 indicating a 20.8% drop from its price seven days ago. 

The volatility of the coin is on the high side as it also reached its all time low in March after recording its ATH days before. The price is expected to decline further and the chances of a bullish reversal are slim. 

It’s not looking optimistic for investors and current token holders as the Balance of Power (BoP) technical indicator shows that sellers are dominant in the market at the moment. 

DTX Scaling Through 

Cost-effective, scalable, and innovative, DTX Exchange is shaping up to be one of the next big projects on the market. 

The platform is a decentralized hybrid exchange that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges. Since its introduction to the crypto space, the project has been drawing attention of investors and gaining traction in the market. 

The platform has garnered so much attention so quickly, partially due to the laudable performance of its token presale. Raising over $100K in two days and over $250K in a week, the project’s outstanding performance has caught the eye of many traders and investors alike. Over 60% of its token offering has been sold, and it seems the project is only going to keep gaining momentum. 

Anticipation of the coin’s growth has led to many analysts projecting gains of over 1000x ROI. With such glowing potential for massive returns, it’s no wonder that investors are taking notice of this project. 


With Celestia and Ripple struggling to break out of a downtrend, investors want to diversify their portfolios and make up for their losses. DTX has drawn the attention of these investors with its eye-catching features and impressive potential. 

Participate in the DTX Exchange presale or join the DTX Community on Telegram to keep up with other investors exploring the new project. 

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