Notcoin And Raboo Setting New Highs, As Bitcoin Breaks Through The $70K Mark


As the use of digital currencies is gaining traction at an astonishing pace, one might have thought that Bitcoin could not possibly go any higher, but it went beyond $70,000. It is not just a figure; it symbolizes light in the dark cryptocurrency ecosystem. Riding on this wave, Notcoin too has practically established newer benchmarks for itself, which define it as a project that cannot be ignored. Amidst these giants, there’s a new player making waves even before its official game begins. Having already raised $1.6 million in presale, Raboo is a coin that is poised to grow by 1000x after the launch. This has made investors develop curiosity about it. Read on to find out why all eyes are on Raboo.  

Bitcoin breaks through the $70k mark 

Bitcoin‘s soaring past the $70,000 mark proves that its influence is on the rise and that investors are not relenting on their asset support. This is not just the evolution to a new number; it marks Bitcoin‘s flexibility and general acceptance of cryptos. The rise to $70K has been driven by everything, ranging from the expectations of new financial instruments like Bitcoin’s ETF to other economic factors such as a rally in tech stocks. 

Bitcoin has had a positive impact on the entire crypto market. Its leading position as a cryptocurrency is also observable in this case, as other cryptocurrencies tend to mimic its movements. As Bitcoin evolves to new levels, it generates enthusiasm that raises the value of altcoins and other tokens.

Notcoin setting new high

Notcoin has gained much attention in the crypto market due to its outstanding performance. Not long ago, it increased by nearly 100% in 48 hours to achieve a new all-time high, and as a result, its market capitalization crossed $2 billion. This surge has placed Notcoin among the top contenders in the gaming token sector; it has grown to be the third biggest in the world. Notcoin’s growth cannot be a mere fad because it is now very popular, and investors have put their confidence in it.

The driving forces behind Notcoin’s impressive performance are multifaceted. A significant factor is its integration within the TON ecosystem, known for its scalability and efficiency, which has attracted a broad user base. Furthermore, Notcoin’s ‘tap-to-earn’ feature is easy to understand by users and has helped attract more than 30 million users. The token’s supply is rather finite; there are only 102.71 billion NOT tokens, which has also contributed to its price movement, establishing demand and scarcity.

Raboo; The AI-powered memecoin set to take the stage

Raboo has captivated the attention of investors worldwide thanks to its presale phase. It is currently at Stage 4, and its price has further increased to $0.0048, up to a 60% increase since it started its run. This growth is supported by over 8,000 registered users and over 2,500 token holders who trust Raboo’s vision. Also, the ‘post to earn’ feature can be highlighted as one of the leading prospects as it encourages users to interact with the platform and turn them into active participants in growing the ecosystem.

Analysts and experts are keen on optimizing $RABT, and they predict its value to skyrocket by 100X once it is launched. This is not just plain guesswork; Raboo’s presale, which gathered over $1.6 million, is a testament to its potential. For every smart investor, Raboo is a chance to invest in a project that can potentially be the next big thing in the meme coins. With its unique model of monetization and the strengthened community, Raboo is ready to create waves in the crypto sea.


As Bitcoin and Notcoin carve new paths in the financial world, Raboo emerges as a promising newcomer. With its presale success and analysts’ forecasts of a 100x surge, Raboo invites you to be part of a groundbreaking opportunity. Don’t miss the chance to invest in Raboo and potentially multiply your investment. Join the presale today. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here




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