Optimism Dumps $89 Million in Tokens as $OP Price Stumbles; $GFOX Reaches Stage 9 of Presale


The Optimism Foundation announced last Friday that it had completed a private sale of about 19.5 million $OP tokens, valued at nearly $90 million at today’s market rate, to an undisclosed purchaser. Following the sale, the token’s price slightly dipped. While slight dips are natural and part of the crypto volatility, considering that the rest of the market is bullish, the drop of $OP is alarming for the community.

However, what investors are truly optimistic about is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a new ICO crypto that is getting ready for a retail launch and is anticipated to be a massive success amid the current bull run. Is it time to revise your portfolio of the best altcoins to buy and include $GFOX? Let’s take a look at this new ERC20 coin and anticipations surrounding it.

Galaxy Fox is Setting New Trends

Galaxy Fox is quickly becoming broadly loved for its unique multi-utility token, offering an exciting twist beyond what you’d expect from standard meme coins. Its ecosystem is full of features aimed at not just attracting users but also providing substantial value.

During its presale, now at Stage 9, Galaxy Fox is offering its $GFOX tokens at the price of $0.002376. Having already raised over $4.3 million and distributed more than 3 billion tokens to early supporters, Galaxy Fox’s growth is on a meteoric rise. 

As the final presale stage approaches, with a token price hike to $0.00264 on the horizon, investors have a limited time to grab this promising crypto at a rate not seen on exchanges yet.

The main attribute of Galaxy Fox is its engaging play-to-earn (P2E) runner game, where players can earn $GFOX tokens. This game stands out by incorporating distinctive Fox-themed NFTs and NFT boosters, enhancing the gaming experience and offering players ways to get ahead in the game.

What makes these NFT boosters intriguing are the temporary buffs they provide, such as better speed and agility, available through in-game achievements or purchases on renowned NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. This adds an extra layer of strategy and collectability, making the game even more engaging.

With 94% of Stage 9 already claimed, the opportunity to secure $GFOX at its pre-launch price is quickly narrowing. Given its recognition among experts as one of the top 10 altcoins for 2025, getting involved with Galaxy Fox now could be a decision of a decade.

What’s Happening to $OP?

The Optimism Foundation has completed the sale of around 19.5 million $OP tokens to an unknown buyer. This organization is instrumental in supporting and developing the Optimism network, which enhances Ethereum’s functionality by executing and settling transactions more efficiently.

The agreement stipulates that these tokens will be locked for two years. Despite this, the buyer can delegate these tokens to third parties not affiliated with them, allowing them to engage in governance activities as if they were direct holders of the tokens.

Once one of the best altcoins to buy, $OP is now a doubtful investment. The news quickly raised concerns about its more centralized governance, leading to market uncertainty and fear. This was naturally followed by a 1.1% price dip and an ongoing bullish trend. 

Bottom Line

While the crypto bull run shows opportunities for every coin, not all of them manage to thrive. So, it’s crucial to identify the project that will actually score high and bring some financial returns. All eyes are on $GFOX in the current market, and missing out on this trend might cost you one of the best altcoins to buy.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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