Penguiana Raises Over 1000 SOL On The Ongoing $PENGU Presale, Set To Release Play To Earn Game Trailer Next Month


The Penguiana ($PENGU) token presale is ongoing and has quickly captured the attention of the cryptocurrency and the Solana meme community as the next big memecoin on Solana.

With over 1000 SOL raised and over 20 days left till the end of the presale, Penguiana is demonstrating the effectiveness of its unique presale mechanism and the potentials of its upcoming play to earn game which stands out in the mostly hype based meme coin market.

Join the Penguiana Token Presale

What is Penguiana?

Penguiana is a penguin-themed meme coin on Solana that aims to significantly impact the Solana meme coin ecosystem with not just hype and promise of a spot on the moon but also a unique play-to-earn game.

The project plans to release a game preview/demo next month, enhancing the utility of $PENGU tokens, which will be used to mint playable penguin characters within the game.

Buy $PENGU Tokens

Penguiana is not just another coin; it’s a fast growing ecosystem attracting both crypto investors and meme coin enthusiasts.

$PENGU Utility Token

Penguiana is powered by its ecosystem token $PENGU, with an initial supply of 100 million.

60 million out of that has been allocated for the presale for early birds to acquire the tokens before getting listed on a dex and multiple centralized exchanges.

The $PENGU token will have multiple utilities within penguiana with first being that for you to play the upcoming Penguiana play to earn game, you would have to mint your character with $PENGU tokens.

Presale Duration: 31 Days, with a 0.5 SOL minimum and 100 SOL maximum cap, ensuring fairness and accessibility.

Buy $PENGU Tokens

The team is yet to make the announcement on the amount of pengu tokens needed to mint the NFT, so it’s imperative to join the presale to acquire the $PENGU tokens at a discount before getting listed on Raydium at a 50% price higher than presale.

How To Join In Penguiana Presale

The Penguiana presale adopts a direct SOL transfer method, ensuring a secure and straightforward way to participate:

Set Up Your Wallet: Use Solana-compatible wallets like Phantom or Solflare to participate in the presale.

Acquire $SOL: Buy $SOL from exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Kucoin. Remember to transfer your SOL to your private wallet and not send directly from exchanges.

Participate in the Presale: Visit the official Penguiana presale page at, where you’ll find the wallet address to send your SOL. Confirm the address carefully before sending your SOL. There’s also a guide on how to buy $PENGU tokens. You can check your allocation by visiting the section provided for that.

Receive $PENGU Tokens: Once the presale ends, $PENGU tokens will be airdropped to the wallet you used to participate in the presale.

Penguiana Presale Details

Why Join the Penguiana Presale?

Joining the Penguiana presale not only allows you to buy $PENGU at a discounted rate but also gives you early access to a promising play-to-earn platform, potentially increasing your returns as the game gains popularity and the token appreciates in value.

Join the Penguiana Telegram & Discord community now and be part of the next big meme coin wave on Solana. Get involved early and help shape the future of this exciting new project!

About Penguiana

Penguiana is a pioneering meme coin project on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the social and playful nature of penguins. It combines humor with substantial investment potential and is designed to captivate both gamers and crypto investors.

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