Penguiana’s $PENGU Token Soars Following CoinMarketCap Listing, Preparing for Exciting GUIANA NFT Mint


Penguiana, the penguin-themed meme coin on the Solana blockchain, with an upcoming play to earn game has witnessed a staggering 70% surge in its market valuation after its recent listing on CoinMarketCap.

This significant achievement underscores growing investor confidence and marks a pivotal advancement in Penguiana’s journey within the cryptocurrency landscape.

$PENGU the utility token of Penguiana is available for trading on Raydium and the price can be tracked using Birdeye.

There is also a simple guide on how to buy $PENGU tokens.

Penguiana’s Market Cap Hits New Peaks

Since its debut on Raydium, Penguiana has captivated the crypto community with its playful approach and substantial utility, combining meme-driven charm with robust blockchain functionality.

The CoinMarketCap listing serves as a key catalyst, propelling the $PENGU token to new heights and a follow up listing on Coingecko will further reinforce its market presence.

This uptick in market value aligns perfectly with the lead-up to the highly anticipated GUIANA NFT mint, set to introduce a compelling layer of interaction and utility within Penguiana’s play-to-earn gaming platform. 

These 1000 unique 3D NFTs will be integral for players looking to enhance their gaming experience, promising not only fun but also potential earnings.

Players will use these GUIANA NFTs to play and earn in-game rewards and $PENGU tokens, creating a compelling use case that extends beyond traditional gaming experiences.

The team announced that the play to earn game trailer will be available sometime this month.

Each GUIANA NFT, will be minted at a price of 50,000 $PENGU for 1 GUIANA NFT, this serves as a testament to the token’s inherent utility within the ecosystem.

Notably, 80% of the $PENGU used in the minting process will be burnt, underscoring the deflationary mechanism designed to enhance the token’s value further.

Expanding Accessibility and Enhancing Liquidity

$PENGU has broadened its accessibility through listings on prominent decentralized exchanges such as Raydium and Birdeye, which have been instrumental in facilitating the token’s swift uptake and trading.

Also other exchange listings are in the works to make $PENGU as this strategic expansion is critical for bolstering $PENGU’s liquidity and availability, providing a solid foundation for current and future transactions.

Ongoing Developments and Community Engagement

As Penguiana continues to evolve, the team remains focused on enlarging its ecosystem and deepening community engagement.

The upcoming GUIANA NFT mint is particularly significant, promising to merge unique digital assets with tangible, rewarding gaming interactions, thus enhancing the token’s overall value proposition.

The Penguiana community is encouraged to connect through official Telegram and Discord channels for the latest updates, contributing ideas and participating actively in shaping the project’s trajectory.

Currently boasting a market cap exceeding $1 million and climbing, Penguiana is establishing a formidable reputation in the solana digital asset space. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of Penguiana’s vibrant journey—where the thrill of gaming meets the rewards of blockchain technology.

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