Pullix (PLX) Presale Reaches 11,000 Registrations While Solana (SOL) and Injective (INJ) Dominate Altcoin Arena

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With registrations soaring past 11,000, Pullix (PLX) has ignited a frenzy within the crypto community. Many analysts are confident that this new ICO in Stage 6 may surge by 1,000% in 2024. Meanwhile, the altcoin arena witnessed two significant players – Solana (SOL) and Injective (INJ)- battling for dominance. Let’s dive deeper into all these altcoins.

Pullix (PLX): An Exciting New Cryptocurrency ICO

The Pullix (PLX) presale has exceeded all expectations, with over 11,000 individuals registering for it. This number has already purchased around 9.4M PLX tokens, helping Pullix raise $3.7M. In other words, countless global investors believe in this new DeFi project’s long-term growth.

At its core, Pullix aims to solve all issues that currently plague the online trading space. It will achieve this by combining the best DEX and CEX features into one platform. To differentiate itself from Binance or Coinbase, Pullix will allow the trade of all asset classes (gold, forex, crypto, etc.) on one account. This is a massive improvement in convenience and efficiency.

While the exchange is the main attraction, Pullix will also incorporate other components in its ecosystem:

  • Copy Trading: The ability to replicate trades from other experienced traders on the platform.
  • Yield Farming: A feature allowing you to stake LP tokens and obtain the PLX native token as a reward.

The PLX native token is the main currency you will use as trading credits. Owning it will give you access to certain assets and reduced trading fees. What makes it stand out is its unique revenue-sharing model. If you stake it, you will receive a portion of Pullix’s daily revenue.

One PLX now costs just $0.08 – a 100% pump from its starting price. Since it has ties to the Forex market, which sees a daily volume of $6.6T, PLX’s long-term growth potential is sky-high. In fact, experts predict a 1,000% surge once a Tier-1 CEX lists this altcoin in Q1 of 2024.

Solana Announces the Second Crypto Phone

There was some exciting Solana news recently as it announced its second crypto phone. This development came after the first phone, Solana Saga, sold out. Also, there are rumors that this new Solana mobile will have new hardware, and individuals can buy it at a lower cost.

In terms of the Solana crypto value movement, it has fluctuated between $68.84 and $99.31 over the past month. Its market cap increased from $30.28B to $42.96B during that time. Furthermore, sentiment for this altcoin is bullish as its Fear & Greed index rating shows a 61 (Greed). Thus, market analysts predict a potential rise to $112 for Solana within Q2 of 2024.

Injective Delegates Rise to 150,000

Meanwhile, Injective (INJ) announced that the count of unique delegates surged from 100,000 to 150,000 in one week. Additionally, this DeFi project stated that 200,000 is on the horizon. This positive Injective news shows us that interest in it is sky-high.

The Injective crypto value has moved between $29.80 and $39.98 in the last 30 days. Furthermore, there are 27 technical indicators in the green for this altcoin. Because of this, experts foresee a rise to $41.87 for Injective before February 2024 ends.

Can Pullix Outshine Solana and Injective?

What makes Pullix unique is the fact that it has a low market cap of $16M and a low price. In other words, PLX will surge faster than Solana and Injective as fewer new funds need to be injected into it. You should grab this token while it is still hot.

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