Pushd (PUSHD) on track to become the largest presale on record as investors from Monero (XMR) and Ripple (XRP) buy in


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Pushd (PUSHD) is the hot topic in crypto right now, with its presale onboarding a remarkable 6,000 holders four weeks in. Monero (XMR) and Ripple (XRP) holders are among the investors taking advantage of discounted launch prices, diversifying their portfolios with a project that could moon in 2024. Learn why the Pushd (PUSHD) presale event is the talk of the town.

Monero (XMR) Price Prediction

Monero (XMR) started the month on a high note by releasing the latest version of Feather, a native wallet for the privacy-focused coin. It was then followed by the delisting of the privacy coin on Binance, sending prices topsy-turvy. However, Monero (XMR) has been trading between the $140 to $160 range without showing any particular directional bias besides crabbing. In fact, Monero (XMR) prices are down 11% from their yearly highs, according to CoinGecko data. 

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction

Ripple (XRP) has largely disappointed holders in January, as the token traded 16% below its December 2023 highs. However, all is not gloom and doom on the Ripple (XRP) front; XRP whales have been accumulating at a tremendous pace. Moreover, the Ripple (XRP) ecosystem is buzzing after Gemini listed XRP perpetual contracts, and as its number of unique holders surpasses 5 million—the token’s highest ever. While it hasn’t translated into any tangible price increases, the activity shows that XRP is still a major player.

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Pushd (PUSHD) Presale Drawing Major Hype

E-commerce as we know it is fraught with plenty of inefficiencies and centralization concentrated among the largest players in the industry: eBay and Amazon come to mind. However, a new contender has emerged in 2024, looking to revolutionize the scene with its decentralized online marketplace platform. Pushd (PUSHD) will offer all the conveniences and familiarity of using e-commerce platforms like Amazon—only made better with the introduction of Web3 technology and DeFi utility.  Just four weeks into its presale, Pushd (PUSHD) has already made waves and drawn over 22,000 interested presale participants. It’s on a record-breaking pace, and the early traction it has gained gives Pushd (PUSHD) a realistic, 50x potential.

The Pushd presale is going live with stage 4, offering Pushd (PUSHD) tokens at an introductory rate of $0.075 as of stage 4. The excellent entry point makes it a highly attractive opportunity for investors who want to get more bang for their investment buck. Market analysts believe that Pushd (PUSHD) could easily trade from a conservative estimate of $1.50 to a bullish estimate of $3.50. Prices won’t be this low ever again, so prospective investors need to act fast and act now!

Pushd offers advanced DeFi functionality and exclusive perks for presale investors, including a debit card, revenue share, and access to zero-commission swaps. Its rigorous audits and long-term liquidity lock, not to mention a 700-day team token lock, safeguards investor trust, making Pushd (PUSHD) a compelling investment opportunity in 2024.

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Find out more about the Pushd presale at their official website.

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