Pushd’s E-Commerce Presale Mobilizes Tron and Uniswap Traders as Market Adjusts


Early investment in good fundamental companies and cryptos always pays handsome returns. That is exactly what Tron and Uniswap traders and investors are trying to do. They are behind Pushd, a new decentralized e-commerce platform that, according to analysts, has a great fundamental potential to bring changes in the e-commerce industry and become a leader.

Recent market corrections have impacted the whole crypto community and Tron and Uniswap investors are actively participating in Pushd’s presale. According to recent news, some Tron and Uniswap whales participated in Pushd’s stage 6 presale.

Tron April 2024 Performance 

April has been a rollercoaster ride for Tron investors. To date this month, it is already down 8.28%. The price opened at $0.124 and is currently trading at $0.112. The price is taking support from the 10-day moving average in the monthly timeframe, which is a good short-term indicator. However, the overall market direction will tell the direction of Tron.

The RSI is standing at 43.06 indicating neutrality between buyers and sellers. MACD is below the middle line is the impact of the recent correction; if the reversal occurs we might soon see these lines trading above the middle line.

Uniswap: One Of The Most Beaten Coins In The Correction

Uniswap is one of the coins that took a hit in the recent correction; from its high of $17.02, it is currently trading at $8.05, a decrease of 52.76%. This fall has various reasons, but the major reason is the feud between Uniswap and the SEC. There hasn’t been any update on the matter yet, but if the fight goes on, it will be bad for Tron investors. 

Investors don’t see any moves coming very soon amid the market correction and the fight with the SEC. Some investors have been part of the early rounds of the Pushd and some are participating now in the 6th stage.

Pushd: The Next Blue Chip Crypto?

Pushd, an e-commerce platform, has caught the eye of people worldwide. It’s also won the trust of both buyers and sellers eagerly waiting for its launch. Pushd is ready to give leading online marketplaces a run for their money.

Pushd, packed with real-world value, is crucial for project success. It’s a web3 digital marketplace that solves many global e-commerce problems. Pushd aims to outshine competitors in the $6 trillion industry by being cheaper, faster and simply better.

Investors can join the presale for just $0.144 per unit of Pushd in stage 6. It’s a great deal, considering Pushd is predicted to grow 75X in a year. With such a low price, even investors with small budgets can buy a significant amount of tokens. Besides the potential for big gains in the long run, early investors also get short-term rewards. Pushd shares its profits with presale investors and the more Pushd they have, the more they earn.

Find out more about the Pushd presale by visiting the website here.

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