Q2 2024 Forecast: DeeStream Preps for Growth Amid Challenges in Ethereum Classic and Ripple Markets


Ethereum Classic and Ripple prices have been wobbling over the past several weeks, causing a good number of ETC and XRP holders to run for cover and diversify into projects with the potential to bolster their flagging portfolios. One of those projects is DeeStream, whose presale is drawing scores of Ethereum Classic and Ripple whales. Analysts predict that its native token, DST, could be a strong candidate to generate a 50x gain in 2024. Learn why the smart money is flowing into DeeStream.

Is Ethereum Classic a potential gem?

Ethereum Classic has had its share of notoriety, especially from certain vocal sectors within the broader Ethereum community. The product of the original Ethereum blockchain undergoing a hard fork arising from The DAO hack of 2016, Ethereum Classic has one major feature that renders it a potential gem: it’s one of the most established and longest-running smart contract platforms running on a proof-of-work consensus mechanism. Speculators believe Ethereum Classic could be a potential sleeper, with no less than Grayscale among the largest ETC holders in the industry.

Ripple continues to disappoint holders with poor price action

Ripple has consistently ranked among the worst-performing top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Every single attempt at a breakout has been quashed throughout 2024, save for a momentary blip to $0.73. Ripple has faced total non-stop dumping each time XRP appears to tease a breakout, and that hasn’t changed. As of press time, XRP was changing hands at $0.53, continuing its turgid underperformance even with the Bitcoin halving already underway.

Stage 2 of DeeStream presale launch attracts Ethereum Classic and Ripple holders

Ethereum Classic and Ripple holders are among the scores of early adopters taking out early positions into the hottest presale investment opportunity of the month: DeeStream

DeeStream is putting together the first blockchain-based live streaming platform with the team, tech, and talent to compete for a share of the multibillion-dollar live streaming industry in 2024 and beyond. DeeStream enables content creators to create the same studio-quality production and unlimited potential reach as centralized platforms do but without any of the negatives that YouTube and TikTok have. Presale investors will be granted a share in the platform fees generated by DeeStream, incentivizing early adopters with a low entry price of just $0.06 per DST token. Content creators, meanwhile, will be able to access a world of potential income-generating strategies granted by DST tokens. 

DeeStream has been fully audited, ensuring the safety of investor funds. Team tokens will be locked for 1000 days, and platform liquidity will be subject to a lifetime lock. Ditch the Ethereum Classic and Ripple tokens if you’re looking for the elusive parabolic gain and join the DeeStream presale today.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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