Raffle Coin Redefines DeFi Expectations Attracting Ripple & USDC Enthusiasts with High-Yield Presale Prospects


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Experienced crypto investors, particularly those in the DeFi space, are predicting a very bright future for decentralized projects. RaffleCoin is one of these projects. It is an online platform for raffling that has been turning heads thanks to its uniqueness. Big-time investors, especially within the USDC and Ripple communities, have been completely fascinated with the benefits it brings and it’s hard to blame them. DeFi is the future and people are taking the opportunity that is RaffleCoin while they can.

USDC Coin Manages to Maintain Its Stability

When looking for stablecoins available on the market, USDC  is one of the preferred choices among most experienced investors. USDC has made a name for itself as a way to seamlessly exchange and keep value, second in market cap only to Tether USDT. With its price sitting at $0,9998, USDC has withstood the market swings of the past couple of weeks. The fact that it has changed by approximately 0% during the past 30 days is proof of exactly that. It has moved by a “pitiful” 0.02% in the last seven days.

According to CoinMarketCap, USDC is the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, as it is currently at $32.91 billion. It has traded $71.3 billion during the last seven days. This is a token that will always be active on the market, as a way of storing non-fluctuating value will always be needed and few do a better job than USDC.

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XRP Market Behavior, Potential Stablecoin Will Shake Up Community

XRP’s price has been a source of boredom for most of its community, as it has experienced almost no fluctuations. Ripple XRP has been selling for about $0.6. However, despite not experiencing the increases of some of the other top 10 cryptos over the last couple of months, the truest members of this community are still strong. People’s knowledge of what XRP has in store for the near future, together with its usability, longevity, and status as a pioneer in its sector, are for sure major factors in the coin’s resiliency and strength over the years.

Crypto experts are still asking themselves, however, how long will it last? The Ripple team may not believe XRP will last as long as hyped up, as they are developing a Ripple stablecoin, similar to USDT and the previously mentioned USDC. This coin will be backed 1:1 by cash equivalents including US dollar deposits and US government bonds. This news will inevitably get more traction in the future and the XRP community will have an interesting response, to say the least.  

RaffleCoin Makes Waves Among 2 of the Biggest Communities

Both the communities of USDC and XRP had no choice but to talk about this project as it solves most of the problems that the most experienced traders have been pointing out. Firstly, RaffleCoin hosts its platform through a fully decentralized method, making it different from other online raffle platforms. Secondly, it has extremely low fees as well as instant withdrawals. It also encourages users to hold tokens in presale, as users who are going to hold the native token will have a right to participate in the decision-making process.

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Since it has previously passed its audit, there are no safety concerns. That being said, there is also no real transparency issue. The fact that team tokens will be locked for two years and liquidity will be locked for life, further increasing community and team transparency, has even long-time industry experts impressed. This is an incredible deal at just $0.016 and might soon become a blue-chip cryptocurrency.

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