Raffle Coin’s Presale Attracts Attention from Polygon & Chainlink Investors and Hedge Funds Eyeing Up 50X Returns


Polygon and Chainlink investors know what it takes to build a strong project. Active users and wallets are what build a network. But after two quarters that sparked a bull market, Polygon and Chainlink are becoming shakier, as their biggest rallies are in the past. Investors are discovering the Raffle Coin presale, which offers a higher potential for returns, as well as a highly active and engaged community. 

Polygon Prepares for Gaming Campaign

Polygon is also known as the gaming blockchain, as it hosted some of the most successful games in Web3. Games are also one of the most reliable sources of active wallets since Polygon allows some of the in-game transactions to happen live on the blockchain.

The gaming community will now join the upcoming GameOn2.0 event with a $30K award pool. The event will feature 12 of the most active games and include four quests. The communities of Champions Ascension, Planet Mojo, and other leading games will showcase their projects and unite their supporters to compete. 

Polygon offers extremely low fees and high speed, as well as multiple connections to the Ethereum ecosystem. Polygon also trades at $0.734, further diminishing the fee payments with a relatively low per-token price. 

Chainlink Grows Cross-Chain Integrations

Chainlink aims to offer its services to a wider selection of blockchains. The goal is to connect the most usable and active networks and support them with data from the Chainlink protocol. Chainlink remains the best source of oracle data, especially important in timely price estimations for DeFi smart contracts. 

Among the new integrations is Base, Coinbase’s L2 network. Chainlink is also onboarding other projects, including NFT collections. The current focus of the Oracle service, however, is decentralized finance. 

Chainlink is preparing for its SmartCon event on October 30-31. The Hong Kong meetup will cover the intersection of DeFi and traditional finance and discuss the need for cross-chain services and tokenization tools.

Raffle Coin Aims to Grow Community with Wider Token Distribution

Raffle Coin is a fair, audited token presale with the goal of reaching the biggest possible pool of users. To that end, Raffle Coin will generate a total of 777,777,777 tokens, and release 60% of those tokens during the presale. 

The distribution of Raffle Coin is unprecedented, as many projects capped their sales at 30% of the supply. Raffle Coin will only set aside 5% for the team reward, but those tokens will remain locked for two years. Presale buyers will gain additional rewards and a share of revenues for holding their tokens, further increasing scarcity.

After distributing the tokens, Raffle Coin will build a user-friendly platform for raffle-style games of luck. Anyone with a wallet will be able to choose raffles running from a few hours to a week. Rewards will include crypto token jackpots and physical items. Raffle Coin will also offer a seamless swap service so players can join raffles using any digital asset.

You can find more information about the Raffle Coin presale here.

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