Raffle Coin’s Presale Draws Ripple and Cardano Investors, Poised to Shift the Crypto Raffle Market


As the crypto market continues to dip, analysts are advising traders to buy more presale tokens. Experience teaches that presale tokens at market dips do not lose value and gain impressively when the market begins to take a turn, making them the best form of minimal-risk investments for long-term gains.

The Raffle Coin protocol has gained an impressive buy-in from the crypto community. The token has gained over 2,000 user sign-ups in its first presale stage. Its native token, which sells for just $0.02, has drawn in whale investors from networks like Cardano and Ripple. 

Some investors have said that the price is in stage one of its presale, which presents the best means to make millions in 2024.

Cardano hit $16B in market capitalization

The Cardano protocol is a proof-of-stake blockchain designed to redistribute power in the crypto community. Launched in 2017, the token comes from the 9th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer. Cardano’s ability to use less energy than the proof-of-work protocol makes it unique. 

Cardano is now selling for $ 0.4737 per token. After a slight 4.3% rise in token value in the last seven days, Cardano is now ranked #10 by market capitalization. With a total market value of $16B and a current market supply of 45 billion tokens, the volume per capita of Cardano is 2.8%. Over $471B worth of Cardano is traded in the crypto market daily, ranking the token as the #8 crypto with the highest trade value.

Ripple ranks #8 in daily trading volume

As of writing, Ripple is now ranked #7 in the crypto market by market cap. With a token selling price of $0.5277 and a total market cap of $29B, Ripple is one of the frontrunners in the crypto market. In the last 4 hours, Ripple traded over $1.4B worth of tokens across the crypto market. This figure has earned it the #8 spot in the highest-traded cryptocurrency in the market.

Designed to solve transactional issues and upscale the Ethereum network, Ripple is one of the few centralized blockchains in the ecosystem. With a little backlash, the creators decided to develop a ledger for its native token, which is decentralized and run entirely by its extensive network of users. The news has rerouted the token to see a potential price splurge in about two weeks. 

Holders of Raffle Coin get mouth-watering benefits

The Raffle Coin is a raffle draw platform. Developed with blockchain technology, the Raffle Coin protocol is where anyone from anywhere globally can log in and win money. With a long list of raffle games spanning different durations, users can decide what games they want to join. 

One key benefit of using Raffle Coin is that users can withdraw their funds immediately without any delays. Regarding governance, the Raffle Coin will serve as the platform’s governing chip. That means token holders will have a say in the platform’s governance. 

They will vote on what features and upgrades the platform receives post-market entry. Other benefits include cashback, account management tips, fewer transduction fees, and multiple mouth-watching benefits from holding the Raffle Coin token. 

Click here to read more about the Raffle Coin protocol and presale activities. 

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