Rollblock (RBLK) Price Has Surged In June While Most Altcoins Like Chainlink (LINK) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Suffer Large Drops


Large coins like Chainlink (LINK) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are showing price drops as if it’s a bear market. While these projects struggle to maintain value, the Rollblock (RBLK) crypto ICO has already raised an impressive $900k in a very short space of time, with tokens currently priced at $0.014.

Falling prices for Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) has experienced a 21.93% price drop in the past month. Despite a slight rebound in the past week, with the price currently sitting at $14.46, Chainlink still remains 72.62% lower than the all-time high of $52.88. With a market cap of $8.7 billion, Chainlink is still the 15th largest cryptocurrency.

For early investors who bought Chainlink at the all-time low of $0.1263, the value of their investment increased by 11361.43%. However, new investors are unlikely to see such returns, given that Chainlink has already peaked in May/June 2021. Current market pressure and volatility make it difficult to have comparable earnings expectations. New investors should consider the past peaks and current market trends before investing in Chainlink.

The potential risks of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) currently ranks 16th by market cap, with a valuation of $7.6 billion and a current price of $388.51. This represents a decline of 15.70% over the past month. Bitcoin Cash’s all-time high was seven years ago, when the price reached $4355.62, meaning the current price is 91.06% lower.

The significant decline in value since the all-time high points to continued challenges for Bitcoin Cash. For new investors, it does not seem wise to invest in Bitcoin Cash now, given its high volatility and significant decline in value over the years. Current market pressures and declining interest in BCH make it a risky investment, especially for those looking for stable and secure returns.

Rollblock (RBLK) is a bright spot in the bear market for big coins

In the bear market for big coins, where many crypto projects are struggling to maintain value, Rollblock (RBLK) stands out as a promising crypto ICO with huge growth potential. Built on the robust Ethereum blockchain, Rollblock offers a unique combination of decentralized and centralized gaming, providing investors with a secure and transparent platform.

One of Rollblock’s biggest assets is its innovative revenue sharing model. Token holders receive a portion of the online casino’s daily winnings, which not only increases the value of the $RBLK token but also provides regular income. This dual revenue model offers investors a more stable and rewarding opportunity.

Rollblock’s user-friendly structure makes it easy for everyone to participate in the presale. Users can easily start playing and take advantage of the revenue sharing model by simply signing up with an email address or wallet connection. This low barrier to entry has led to a rapid increase in users and investors, amassing some 3500 registered users to date.

With a fixed supply of 1 billion $RBLK tokens and a large portion allocated to the presale, Rollblock has already attracted significant interest. The investment ticker is about to surpass the $1million mark. Additionally, 30%  of daily profits are used to buy back and burn $RBLK tokens, which further increases the value of the token. This shows Rollblock’s commitment to providing stable and sustainable growth to its investors.

Rollblock has launched a $20k prize giveaway for its 3500 registered users during the ongoing UEFA EUROs 2024 football tournament, which is reaching boiling point as the group stages start to refine the top dogs in this year’s tournament. To win, users must give correct score predictions before the beginning of any match. Head over to the platform’s X account to learn more. 

Choose the Rollblock crypto ICO for stability

While Chainlink (LINK) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are seeing significant declines in value, Rollblock (RBLK) remains a bright spot in this bear market. With an innovative revenue sharing model and a strong foundation on the Ethereum blockchain, Rollblock offers a stable and rewarding investment opportunity. As a promising crypto ICO, Rollblock offers investors the opportunity for sustainable growth and reliable income in an uncertain market.

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