Rollblock (RBLK) Price Jumps As Presale Gets Ready To Smash Through $1M Mark, Stellar (XLM) and Solana (SOL) Holders Can’t Stop Buying More


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Some cryptocurrencies seem to be immune to the overall bearish sentiment sweeping across the market. Stellar (XLM) for starters is predicted to hit new all time highs with XLM’s price increasing by about 1.07%. Solana (SOL) has also demonstrated resilience against the bearish momentum with its price increasing some 10% in the last 48 hours. 

Rollblock (RBLK) however, is tipped to have the most upside potential thanks to its focus on the growing online gaming market estimated to be worth nearly $540.3 billion. Rollblock’s crypto presale will set up the world’s first community-backed play-to-earn token forecasted to rally 800% on launch day. 

Here is why you should consider buying into RBLK’s presale

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Stellar XLM bulls struggle to push the price past $0.09

Throughout 2024, XLM’s price struggled to breach strong bearish resistance at the $0.16 level. After a meteoric bull run in 2021 that saw the coin surpass $0.60, XLM has registered a sharp decline that has since put XLM’s price on a sideways momentum around the $0.1 mark. As a platform geared towards cross-border transactions and remittances, XLM stands a chance at establishing a global money transfer system that is not only easily accessible but easily affordable for users in low-income countries. 

According to market analysts, XLM’s growth is pegged on its strategic partnerships with major players such as VISA, MoneyGram, the Ukrainian government, and Africa. While XLM’s previous performance is underwhelming, analysts predict a bullish resurgence if the coin manages to trade above its 200-day simple moving average.

Solana (SOL) volume drops despite the meme coin boom

Solana’s (SOL) market performance has demonstrated a great deal of resilience amid a bearish sentiment that has seen many of its competitors stagnate. After registering a 35% decline in May, SOL’s price stabilized above the $136 support level, with a modest 1.81% increase over the past week. For the better part of 2024, Solana has established itself as the top-ranking blockchain for meme coins, driving remarkable interest as over 100,000 wallets and 17 million transactions are registered on Solana’s first gaming L2 network. 

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The success of Solana’s Layer-2 gaming platform has seen fresh interest in on-chain games as game developers jump on the bandwagon to capitalize on this growing trend. Compared to XLM, whose focus is on cross-border payments, Solana’s dynamic approach and focus on games set it up for a meteoric rally once a bullish sentiment hits the crypto market.

Rollblock’s (RBLK) generous reward system registers a spike in investor interest

Crypto presales are a dime a dozen, but Rollblock’s RBLK presale is primed to become one of the most rewarding presale events ever. Rollblock is an emerging GambleFi protocol that is bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized online gaming casinos. 

This is a first-of-its-kind community-backed crypto casino with zero KYC, instant buybacks, and burn programs designed to keep the price of RBLK on an upward trajectory. The casino also boasts exclusive token bonuses and a revenue share model that rewards RBLK holders. So far, these game-changing features have brought tremendous investor interest to Rollblock’s ongoing presale. 

Thanks to Rollblock’s groundbreaking capacity to bring transparency to the online gambling space using blockchain technology, a 100x rally for RBLK is in the cards for holders according to expert market analysts. This could make Rollblock one of the top GambleFi tokens in a $540 billion global gambling market.

Frank Fahrenkopf, who is the former president and CEO of the American Gaming Association opines that, “the internet is the new frontier for gambling, and online casinos are leading the way. ” 

Rollblock is not only building a state-of-the-art online casino but is on track to establish an ecosystem that rewards players for their activity as well as for holding RBLK. Currently, in the third stage of its presale, 60% of the one billion RBLK token supply is set aside for presale buyers. RBLK holders will enjoy exclusive access to some games on the platform, further adding to the incentive for players to become holders and investors of the platform. So far, just shy of $1,000,000 has already been raised, and analysts predict an 800% rally for Rollblock once it hits exchanges.

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