Security Seeking Investors’ Top 6 Cryptos


The crypto market started 2024 on a positive note with a bull rally which was enhanced by the excitement around crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US. These financial products were the center of much debate as US regulators expressed their concerns about the legal aspects of BTC ETFs

These concerns were duly resolved and several ETFs were launched on January 11. From Day 1, ETFs have been clocking strong growth and analysts expect many more tokens to join the ETF bandwagon in the near future.

Market experts suggest that the popularity of ETFs has shown access to cryptocurrencies can be regulated. Their success has also busted the myth that crypto tokens cannot offer security.

A simple search on the web would show that there are multiple options like  Cardano (ADA), Chainlink (LINK), Binance Coin (BNB), Avalanche (AVAX),  and Solana (SOL) which are known for their potential for economic empowerment. 

These ecosystems are cost-effective and user-friendly. Some of these are used for developing dApps, others for smart contracts. There are also new cryptos like InQubeta (QUBE)which has been included among analyst-recommended presales. 

If you want to know more about why these tokens are so talked about, here’s a deep dive into their key features: 

1. InQubeta: Turning AI startups into successful brands

InQubeta is an Ethereum-based platform where AI startups can find multiple resources for business development. These resources include a transparent investment model, funding opportunities, guidance from industry experts, and marketing support. To avail of all features of the platform, crypto users must acquire InQubeta’s native cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token. 

Widely appreciated for its ability to drive financial inclusion, the QUBE token has grown a global fan base. The supply of the ERC-20 coin has an upper limit of 1.5 billion. While 65% is allocated for InQubeta’s cryptocurrency ICO, the rest is to be used for operational expenses. Till now, its presale has raised over $9.9 million.

By choosing to include the QUBE token in a portfolio, crypto users can stake these assets and earn a steady passive income. In staking, assets are locked in liquidity pools and support a blockchain system’s growth. 

As long as the asset stays locked, the owner will earn passive income. On InQubeta, token owners can be assured of continued rewards because of a separate pool dedicated to staking. The corpus is funded by the tax collections.

When it comes to investing in AI startups, the QUBE token is the sole mode of payment. The fundraising is facilitated by InQubeta’s NFT marketplace. At the portal, the NFTs are created from startup offers for investors. 

Crypto users can compare projects to know how they will benefit them and then make a purchase. These NFTs can also be bought in fractions.

If you are confused about which crypto to buy today for the long term, you shouldn’t miss the QUBE token as it has a deflationary model. Such asset models tweak their supply as per the market conditions to curb price fluctuations. The mechanism helps the asset trade at competitive prices and beat the odds in the market. 

When inflation is rising, the QUBE token is made scarcer, so buyers find it difficult to buy it. The scarcity drives up the price of the cryptocurrency and minimizes price fluctuations. 

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2. Solana to leverage Filecoin solutions 

Solana is a Web 3.0 platform offering developers new-age solutions for building scalable and high-performance dApps. Its native token SOL is used for settling all transactions on the platform. The proof-of-stake platform offers benefits like fast transaction times and high throughput. 

The network has recently been in the news with its collaboration with Filecoin to boost the infrastructure for decentralized storage of data. 

Solana will be leveraging Filecoin’s solutions to solve problems like data redundancy and low scalability while boosting the security of its network. The move would decentralize Solana’s data storage while making its block history readily accessible. 

Market experts tracking the market feel the collaboration could be bullish for the prospects of both Solana and Filecoin. 

3. Binance Futures announces daily price prediction contest

Binance Coin or BNB is a leading cryptocurrency that has been rolled out by the Binance network. The BNB token is powered by the BNB Chains. The network includes another blockchain called the Binance Smart Chain and a crypto exchange called Binance. 

The cryptocurrency can be used for availing of several benefits within the Binance ecosystem. These benefits include discounts on spot, margin, and futures trading fees. Apart from staking, the BNB token can be used for yield farming, getting crypto loans, and investing in blockchain projects.

The Binance coin is considered one of the top crypto coins because of its versatility. With partnerships, it has managed to boost its demand globally. Binance Futures hit the headlines recently after announcing a daily price prediction contest. 

In partnership with Tesla, the contest is for future account holders. By predicting the market price of a BTCUSDT futures contract, users can win vouchers of 0.05 BTC tokens, valued at around $2,500. There is also a grand weekly prize of a Tesla Model Y.

The winners will be decided based on whose prediction is closest to the actual price by 14:00 UTC the next day. Other daily prizes include loaded USDT vouchers.

4. Citi conducts tokenization test for equity fund on Avalanche

Considered to be a top crypto to invest in, Avalanche is a blockchain network where developers can access powerful tools for deploying dApps. If developers feel stuck, they can tap into learning resources available on the platform to seek help. 

They can opt for in-depth courses offered by the Avalanche Academy. These courses will help them master skills related to the Avalanche ecosystem, developing virtual machines and subnets.

Its native token is AVAX, which is used for dealing with transactions or payments.  Token holders can stake their AVAX tokens and turn validators to authenticate on-chain transactions. The move not only secures the network but also helps stakers earn crypto rewards.

Leading investment bank Citibank recently wrapped up a tokenization test for a private market equity fund on the Avalanche network. The test was developed in partnership with ABN Amro, Wellington Management, and Wisdomtree and during a proof of concept event. 

The tokenization test was undertaken to understand operational, technical, and legal factors to be taken care of while switching from analog to digital markets. The test was conducted on Avalanche subnet Spruce for tokenizing assets. Wellington Management was the equity fund issuer during the event.

5. Cardano announces launch of Plutus V3 on SanchoNet

Cardano is a blockchain platform that’s powered by the Ouroboros protocol and provides an array of tools for deploying dApps. Its native token ADA is used for all transactional purposes on the platform. 

It’s a good crypto to buy as its protocol is based on an evidence-based and research-driven mechanism. The feature enables Cardano to scale globally and sustainably. Other features like parallel processing of transactions and the use of multi-ledger add to the speed of the network. 

Its network is secured by the proof-of-stake consensus protocol. Cardano incentivizes participation in its network by rewarding community members who operate as stake pool operators or delegators.

In a major boost for its smart contracts capabilities, Cardano recently stated that its Plutus V3 was now live for testing on SanchoNey. The smart contracts platform sports new features like advanced cryptographic proofs and higher efficiency. 

Plutus V3 has been designed to create a more accessible ecosystem and promote blockchain innovation. Many developers are excited about the sum of products (SOPs) feature of Plutus V3. It’s a method of data encoding that lowers costs and script size. The combination will make way for optimized code generation and faster execution. 

6. Telefonica to leverage Chainlink for warding off Web 3.0 exploits

Chainlink is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by the Oracles network. 

The platform facilitates the transfer of blockchain data from off-chain sources like payment gateways. The data can pave the way for powerful and scalable Web 3.0 solutions. Its native token is LINK and it’s the official medium of exchange of the Chainlink ecosystem.

Chainlink has been able to edge past new altcoins because of its global appeal. Through a slew of partnerships and new projects, the blockchain platform has been able to maintain an international presence. 

One of its key offerings is the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) which is designed for scaling multi-chain systems. The protocol is secure and can connect public and private blockchains. The protocol has extra protection layers by implementing measures like transfer rate limits.

In a recent development, Telefónica announced a partnership with Chainlink. As part of the partnership, the telecom service provider would leverage Chainlink’s protocol to shield its systems against hacking attempts and SIM swap attacks. 

Chainlink will also be providing security for smart contracts that will be linked to GSMA Open Gateway via APIs.


These six tokens are some of the best altcoins that you will find in today’s market. These platforms represent the kind of impact that DeFi technologies are capable of. Their user-friendly features make cryptocurrencies more accessible and help more people generate passive incomes. 

Analysts point out that these cryptocurrencies have a growth-oriented model which makes them ideal for the long-term. People who are eying financial security can explore these coins and diversify their portfolios. 

The list contains developer-friendly tokens like Solana, Avalanche, and Chainlink and established names like Binance Coin. There are also innovative cryptos like InQubeta which is counted among the top ICOs of the year. By adding these coins periodically, a user can build a well-balanced portfolio for the long term. 

The crypto market is an attractive investment opportunity but people are advised to research a token well before making decisions. Due to market volatility and economic forces, there might be certain risks associated with a cryptocurrency. Due diligence can help to avoid such rookie mistakes.

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