Sell-Side Pressure Mounts in Bitcoin Market , Investors Rally Behind Monero Contender


Bitcoin has been hovering between the 60-70k range for quite some time, and no one knows what the next move will be. Generally, the halving event brings greenery to the market, but a renowned personality, Arthur Hayes, has pointed out a possible result that differs from generic assumptions. Bitcoin’s rocketing over 65% this year and hitting the ATH above $70,000 has everyone on the edge of their seats, thinking we might be at a real turning point. But here’s the twist—Hayes suggests that this very consensus, this shared excitement and anticipation, could be the very reason Bitcoin may stumble. Investors are also moving their eyes towards new ICOs like InQubeta, which they believe to be a Monero Contender.

InQubeta: A New Dawn for AI Crypto Investment

As the Bitcoin market wobbles with uncertainty, there’s a beacon of stability on the horizon: InQubeta. This crowdfunding platform is on a mission to fuse crypto with AI, offering a golden opportunity for everyday investors to grab a piece of promising AI ventures. Thanks to its ERC20 coin, QUBE, getting in on the ground floor of the next big AI company doesn’t require a fortune anymore.

InQubeta is all about making the cutting-edge accessible. Through NFTs that pack equity and rewards from AI startups, investors get more than just a share—they get a transparent path to riding along with a company’s success. This isn’t a one-way street; startups gain a backing community, and that community shares in the startups’ triumphs.

QUBE tokens aren’t just another crypto to buy. Their deflationary nature, peppered with buy and sell taxes, is designed to reward those who play the long game and stay actively involved. And with plans to launch an NFT marketplace, roll out InQubeta Swap, and kick off a DAO—on top of eyeing cross-chain expansion—InQubeta’s laying down a bold vision for melding AI with blockchain.

The presale has already drummed up a whopping $13.3 million, showcasing investor confidence in InQubeta as a strong contender in the crypto space, with some eyes on it outshining even Monero. With tokens still up for grabs at a presale price, the launch could see them rocketing into new territories of value.

The Halving Paradox: A Bullish Event with Bearish Undertones?

Everyone is excited about Bitcoin Halving in the next week or so. This will cut down the supply of Bitcoin rewards to half. Mostly, an event like this is deep-rooted in history as a bullish occasion. However, experts like Arthur Hayes have a different view this time. He believes that when something is too predictable and expected, the market behaves in a way that surprises everyone. This thought is connected to the essentials of crypto dynamics, where the general sentiment can lead to unexpected outcomes. This halving in 2024 comes at a time when there’s a lack of free cash flow, which means there’s a possibility of mounting sell pressure on an asset that has already grown significantly this year.


As Bitcoin weathers the storm of its latest halving event, facing potential challenges from selling pressure to liquidity issues, InQubeta shines brightly on the horizon. This platform offers a refreshing alternative to the often speculative nature of crypto investments by emphasizing real-world impact through AI startups. InQubeta emerges as an exciting option for investors looking for something more. It’s a time of change and expansion in the world of digital currencies, and InQubeta is at the forefront, crafting a path to a future where blockchain investments are all about real tech advancements and making access available to everyone.

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