Sentiment Foresees Further Chainlink Rise; New Low-Cap Gem Tipped as Future AI Crypto Leader


As 2024 gets underway and Bitcoin starts heating up in price following the SEC decision on the ETFs, we now have projects like Chainlink on the rise and reviving all of the momentum that they had in the last bull market. There’s also a lot of hype surrounding another AI-based project, InQubeta, which is quickly gaining momentum and proving itself to be a serious contender to lead the niche to huge success. 

Overall, the market is definitely heating up now, as we just saw BTC hit a local high of $50k – with many investors thinking that Bitcoin may be about to make a major move to blast past the $50k mark and stay there.

Chainlink About To Moon

Chainlink, one of the best altcoins, is a decentralized oracle network and blockchain abstraction layer. It uses blockchain technology to securely enable computations on and off chain, supporting what it calls hybrid smart contracts, as well as its cross-chain interoperability protocol.

The Chainlink blockchain is hosted on the Ethereum platform, which uses the proof of stake operating protocol. In addition, Chainlink is an open-source blockchain project, meaning anyone can view the project’s code and contribute.

Chainlink whales are pushing their limits recently as experts have spotted a significant amount of accumulation activity on-chain. Fresh wallets, potentially under the control of a single entity, have withdrawn approximately 1,287,492 LINK, valued at $17.5 million, from Binance in just three days. This significant accumulation raises the question about LINK’s potential of getting back to all time high prices as it did last cycle.

InQubeta Attracting Whale Wallets

Within the changing crypto space, InQubеta stands out as a project that could completely transform altcoins through the use of AI. It seeks to solve some of the major issues that altcoins еncountеr and promote innovation in the field of cryptocurrеnciеs.

InQubeta (QUBE) is positioned as one of the best investment opportunities for crypto enthusiasts, particularly crypto whales, in 2024. Here’s an in-depth look at why InQubeta stands out as a top choice for investors interested in AI startups.

InQubeta, the best crypto to invest in now, is pioneering a transformative approach to crypto investment. It enables fractional investment in AI startups using its native token, QUBE, creating a bridge between investors and budding tech ventures.

AI startups leverage InQubeta’s platform to create reward and equity-based NFTs. These NFTs represent various incentives and equity in their companies, making them attractive crypto options. InQubeta operates an NFT marketplace where these AI startup NFTs are listed. This marketplace serves as a curated selection of investment opportunities, simplifying the decision-making process for potential investors.

Investors interested in these NFTs can purchase them using QUBE tokens. This integration streamlines and secures the investment process, thanks to the inherent security and efficiency of blockchain technology and smart contracts. 

InQubeta also has a lot of big plans on the horizon, and 2024 will undoubtedly be a massive year for the project. Stay tuned for more.

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Many projects have started regaining their past market cycle momentum, considering recent positive Bitcoin ETF Market Effects that have given new hope to the crypto market as a whole. Chainlink is one such example which is on the up and up as of late, and we’ve even got the AI-based InQubeta, which has been making headline after headline for its unique innovation. There’s definitely a place in crypto for this type of community building, and we’re sure many startups will be grateful for the opportunities that InQubeta have on offer.

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