$SHIB Poised to Hit New ATH? $GFOX Retail Debut Could See 100X


Fueled by positive comments from its marketing lead, Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is currently trending up. The meme coin gained a modest 2% in 24 hours. This comes after a significant dip in its price caused by ripples from the general market correction. As the presale round nears completion, $GFOX is poised to make its debut on the retail market. Experts believe it has the potential to do 100X once it starts trading on exchange platforms.

Could $SHIB Break Records Before the Bitcoin Halving?

Shiba Inu’s marketing lead, Lucie, expects $SHIB to reach a new all-time high soon. This could possibly coincide with the upcoming Bitcoin halving. The halving is a significant event scheduled for April that will sharply reduce daily $BTC production.

$SHIB’s price is fighting to rebound following a substantial drop. This downturn came due to a massive correction following a surge fueled by Bitcoin’s record-breaking peak. Even with its current price well below the October 2021 all-time high of $0.00008845, $SHIB holds strong as one of the major memecoins and is currently ranked as the second-largest memetokens by market cap.

Despite a price drop of 8% since March 14th, Shiba Inu shows resilience. The meme cryptocurrency has rallied in the past 24 hours, regaining 2% and currently trading at $0.00002821.

$GFOX Poised for Massive Gains on Retail Debut; Can it Deliver 100X?

$GFOX has shattered presale funding records, blasting past the $5 million mark. With the presale nearing its end, it is poised for a remarkable retail market debut. Industry analysts are bullish, with some projecting a staggering 100X gain after the public launch.

Galaxy Fox, with its unique blend of features and innovative technology, is poised to disrupt the memecoin space. It distinguishes itself with elements of GameFi and blockchain utilities. The game rewards players with $GFOX tokens based on their performance. These tokens hold real utility, serving as the in-game currency while also being tradable on external markets.

To elevate the experience, Galaxy Fox offers 3,000 unique NFTs. These prized digital assets unlock exclusive in-game bonuses, perks, and privileges. They give boosted attributes and access to special events. This enriches gameplay and drives engagement, while the NFTs’ tradability on marketplaces like OpenSea adds another layer of real-world value.

Galaxy Fox employs a deflationary tokenomics design with a 5 billion token hard cap to promote scarcity and long-term value growth. This, coupled with a staking rewards system, further incentivizes holding $GFOX.



Shiba Inu surged following comments from its marketing lead stating that the memecoin would hit ATH before the Bitcoin halving. However, eyes are on $GFOX as it set to make its retail debut. This innovative meme coin project is poised for a massive 100X gain, according to leading analysts. Its unique approach and vibrant community make it a standout in the crypto world.

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