Shiba Inu’s 243% Leap Sparked by Whales; Rising AI Altcoin Charts Aggressive Growth Plans


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Shiba Inu (SHIB) is fast becoming a favorite for cryptocurrency whales. The token recently experienced another surprising surge in whale activity, resulting in a massive influx of liquidity into the meme coin. According to on-chain data, repeated transfers worth millions of dollars occurred recently, spiking the on-chain activity of Shiba Inu and resulting in 243% growth. 

Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE) has been storming the digital investment market. Its token is on the radar of top investors, sparking increased demand from investors. Even though the platform was only released last year, it has successfully continued to hit milestones over the past months, increasing its potential to deliver on bullish expectations. Investors are confident in the token thanks to innovative plans that position it as a cryptocurrency worth investing in.

Let’s explore the Shiba Inu surge and InQubeta’s plans for the future.

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InQubeta (QUBE) Positions For Meteoric Post-launch Growth 

Holders who bought Bitcoin before it went mainstream are sitting on millions today. Investors who did the same thing on altcoins like Solana when it launched in 2020 for pennies are up over 10,000% today, which means that early investment in promising cryptocurrencies is a smart strategy. Although many opportunities are gone, InQubeta is one of the best crypto investment opportunities in its presale stage.

InQubeta is among the best cryptos to invest in because of the profit that it promises. The platform fits the bill of a DeFi project with the ability to create future-proof investment opportunities for everyday investors. Working with AI startups, InQubeta offers AI investment opportunities minted into fractionalized NFTs. By doing so, InQubeta investors can acquire holdings in any promising AI investment for a cheap price and make profits, while the startups receive necessary funding.

This is an enticing, first-of-its-kind opportunity since AI is expected to grow exponentially. InQubeta is the best crypto investment to earn from this growth without spending too much. This offering is why investors have been rushing to the ongoing InQubeta presale, triggering a buying frenzy for the QUBE token. Since the presale started, investors have earned 264% returns by holding the token. QUBE has appreciated from $0.007 to $0.0245, raising over $10.4 million and selling over 831 million tokens.

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QUBE is still slated to pull a quick 20% rally before debuting on exchanges. Investors are hyped for this because it marks the beginning of the platform’s expansion, boosting QUBE’s adoption and value. After listing on exchanges, the project plans to introduce InQubeta Swap and execute cross-chain expansion to increase its reach and achieve more partnerships. With this, InQubeta has charted a course to become the best crypto to invest in.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Records On-chain Activity Surge Following Whale Transactions

Shiba Inu recently logged a 243% spike in large transactions. On-chain data shows that the volume of SHIB transactions more than doubled from 1.02 trillion to over 2.4 trillion, suggesting a surge in the activity of large investors in Shiba Inu. SHIB transactions rocketed from $9 million to $24 million, an impressive amount of liquidity. This growth is amazing, considering it happened when the SHIB was still lagging.

This boost in on-chain activity shows that institutional investors are also gaining interest in SHIB, which is good for the meme coin community. Proof of whale presence is the transfer of over $100,000 per transaction. An estimated total of over 44 transfers were recorded. Evidence from Shiba Inu on-chain data reveals a single whale address contributed massively to this surge. The address made a transaction of almost 390 billion SHIB, injecting over $3.9 million in liquidity into the market.

Final Thoughts 

The spike in Shiba Inu’s on-chain activity proves that the meme coin community and the cryptocurrency space are gaining more recognition. Even though meme coins are drawing the investment interest of whale investors, altcoins like InQubeta also have things going well for them, as evidenced by the presence of large investors in QUBE’s presale. Investors looking for a solid cryptocurrency investment to start raking in millions of dollars should consider getting in on the presale. An ongoing 15% bonus on every purchase is an enticing opportunity to gather as much QUBE as possible.

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