Skyrocketing DeeStream Disrupts At $0.066: Binance Coin and Polkadot Communities Rush In for Potential 100X


Despite regulatory challenges, Binance Coin continues to deliver impressive results, particularly in the latter half of Q1 and the beginning of Q2 2024. On the other hand, at the beginning of April, Polkadot made history with its Indy 500 sponsorship of Conor Daly, but it apparently didn’t really improve its market position. 

While both coins have offered decent results, they are nothing compared to what DeeStream is expected to achieve. This decentralized video streaming platform may very well be the next blue-chip crypto that everyone has been waiting for, as it will certainly disrupt the streaming market. 

Binance Coin BNB’s Hurdles Aren’t Affecting the Price

It’s no secret that Binance has been having a bit of a tough time of late. It has been investigated in quite a few countries and has faced serious regulatory challenges. For example, back in March 2023, the US Securities and Exchange Commission sued Binance, which resulted in it losing some market share, dropping to 52% from 60%.

Despite these setbacks, Binance is still the biggest crypto exchange in the world, with more than 169 million registered users in over 180 countries. The market clearly likes that, considering that Binance Coin BNB is up 86% from last year, when it was trading at $338.3, going up to $617. 

It’s interesting to note that much of the gains took place starting at the beginning of February. However, in the past month, the coin seems to have entered a consolidation phase, with the price ranging from a low of $528 to a high of approximately $625. 

Polkadot DOT Makes History, But the Market Isn’t Impressed

At the beginning of April, Polkadot DOT made a genius move by sponsoring an Indy 500 driver. However, what was historic about the whole thing was the way they approached it. Essentially, Polkadot turned to the community and relied on a vote to determine who would be the brand ambassador for the cryptocurrency. 

Conor Daly won the vote, and this event represents the first time an athlete has been chosen for sponsorship through a community vote powered by blockchain technology. Daly is a highly popular figure in the racing world, so it’s not a surprise that he won with a 95.8% approval rating.

However, this doesn’t seem to have impressed the market. While Polkadot is up 25% year over year, the past month has seen the coin lose approximately 19%. It should be noted that analysts expect Polkadot to continue to rise throughout 2024, suggesting it might reach $11.72 by the end of the year. 

DeeStream’s Potential 100X Returns Are to Investors as Honey Is to Bears

Both Binance Coin and Polkadot are up, but 86% and 25% year over year aren’t exactly impressive, especially not when compared to the returns DeeStream is expected to deliver. To put it into perspective, if investors put $1,000 into Binance Coin, they would now have $1,860. With Polkadot, it would be $1,250. With DeeStream? It could become $100,000. That’s a massive difference.

How is it possible? For starters, DeeStream is a platform with a purpose and broad appeal. It doesn’t take a developer to understand the business model or to actually use it. It’s essentially going to be a decentralized version of YouTube or Twitch. With one massive caveat. They aren’t going to be banning people left, right, and center just for sharing an opinion that doesn’t align with theirs. 

Many people have lost their livelihoods or at least been significantly suppressed by legacy platforms simply for having a different opinion than the powers that be. DeeStream is going to let everyone have their say, no matter what it is, as long as it’s legal. In essence, it will be the video-streaming version of Elon Musk’s X, and people are excited at what it will achieve. 

And considering that it’s in stage 2 presale and available for only $0.066, investors are rushing to get in early to maximize their returns. 

For more information on DeeStream’s presale, please visit the website here. 

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