$SOL Dips After Solana Chain Suffers ‘Major’ Outage; $GFOX Presale Retains Top Position

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There is no place quite like crypto. A world without friction where investors can permissionlessly make money betting on the future of finance. But any frontier technology comes with hiccups, and Solana ($SOL) dipped after the chain suffered a ‘major’ outage. The network is back up and running, but this outage is a big blow to confidence as many believed Solana had already matured to a point beyond the issues that plagued its early days.

Investors thinking about what cryptos to buy now are naturally deterred by the potential of the network shutting down. But welcome to crypto. These are the hurdles and growing pains of nascent technology. ICOs are the other attention zenith point currently, with presale funding ramping up across the board. The Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) presale retains the top position, and while Solana suffered an outage, this ICO saw a spike in funding.

Solana ($SOL) Another Major Outage

Solana has positioned itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy for anybody bullish on the layer one trade due to its phenomenal strength in recent months. However the recent outage has brought back to the fore the bugbears of the network. Solana has not suffered an outage since May last year, but the idea of an entire chain going down remains intolerable to many.

$SOL witnessed a selloff. Ironically only available to people holding their assets on centralized exchanges due to the chain being down. Transactions halted Tuesday morning at around 09:52 UTC time. Engineers leaped into action and pushed out a patch for validators, but the damage was done. Block production resumed at roughly 15:00 UTC, and in total, the Solana chain was down for five hours.

This major outage makes it challenging to build faith, and despite the Solana fanboys or Soylana manlets as they are sometimes referred to on X brushing the incident off. A top layer one chain going down and being non-operational for several hours is not good UX. Regardless, Solana is still the fastest horse to back in the layer one trade and a classic response to what cryptos to buy now heading into 2024.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) 2024’s Leading ICO

Galaxy Fox has been steamrolling through its presale and is nearing the finish line. More than 2.5 billion $GFOX tokens have been sold, over $3.2 million raised, and Stage 7 is already 98% subscribed. Early buyers will enjoy a 15% price leap when Stage 8 begins, and there will only be three more price increases before launch. Set to enter markets in style, the price discovery phase is highly anticipated, and $GFOX will prove its categorization as the top crypto to invest in for presale enthusiasts.

Its hybrid model blends the best of the memecoin and play-to-earn sectors, resulting in a bonanza ecosystem packed with entertainment and upside potential. The Web3 runner onboards new users into the ecosystem, and with prizes paid out at the end of each season, anybody with gaming acumen can earn real cash in this ecosystem.

The protocol’s NFT collection plays a role in the P2E segment, with holders entitled to special in-game perks and analysts are wagering on a rising floor price as the prize pool grows. The tokenomics side is all gas, no brakes, and the token burn reduces the total supply around the clock. A taxation system directs capital to optimize growth and even pays out staking rewards.

Staking rewards and the convenient source of passive income have been huge drivers of Galaxy Fox’s early success, especially because $GFOX stakers are earning yield on a deflationary asset. 

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Closing Thoughts: Welcome to the Frontier

The frontier of finance is exactly that. There will be unforeseen incidents, but this nascency is what makes crypto lucrative. The frontier of the frontier is presales. The points of maximum financial opportunity within crypto. Anybody asking what cryptos to buy now to net 100X returns should be diving into the ICO world.

Galaxy Fox has already claimed the spot as 2024’s top ICO. Its incredible early momentum indicates an excellent post-launch performance. If you want to join this exciting journey and become an early adopter- participate in the presale today. 

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