Solana MEV War Revives Centralization Concerns, Galaxy Fox Game Dominates


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Solana Foundation banned several validators from their subsidy programs, reviving centralization claims.

Galaxy Fox is on a bullish path as its P2E game gains traction.

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$GFOX traders confident that the meme coin will rally 100X

Networks like Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, and the BNB Chain are transparent. All transactions posted must be settled on-chain and can be viewed by all validators, such as proof-of-stake systems or miners in Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Transparency can be good or bad in smart contracts platforms, hosting viral games like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). Over the years, these layers have anchored disruptive protocols, enabling seamless trustless trading or even decentralized money markets.

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However, with more users opting to transact on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) like Uniswap on Ethereum or Raydium on Solana, transparency is being “abused.” As noted, some rogue validators are actively enabling Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) bots from wreaking havoc, sandwiching users.

Meme coin traders can be sandwiched, for example, when placing trades on DEXes, they get the worst price possible, dampening user experience. They do this by “cutting the line” so that their transactions can be processed ahead of others. When MEV bots are successful, they manage to actively “extract” value from these trades, lining up their deployers’ wallets.

Solana, aware of the security impact and what MEV bots can mean to adoption, recently removed over 30 validators from their subsidy program.

The decision effectively meant that these validators would not receive bonus payouts for securing the network and approving transactions. Even so, they will remain validators without the financial incentive to do so. As such, they must put more upfront resources in place to earn network rewards

Despite their action, critics now claim the decision means Solana is more centralized than others, such as Ethereum.

Galaxy Fox Is A Rising Star In The P2E Arena

Galaxy Fox continues to draw attention as the dust settles on the Solana Foundation validator ban.

In their highly successful presale, all $GFOX allocated for the fundraising program were sold, helping the project raise over $6 million.

Barely a month after launching their highly anticipated play-to-earn (P2E) game, players are keen to engage, driving $GFOX prices higher on Uniswap, where the meme coin is listed.

What’s cool about the Galaxy Fox P2E game is that it innovatively combines exciting gameplay with meme coins. As such, players can play and also receive valuable rewards in GFOX or in-game items that exist as NFTs.

Playing the Galaxy Fox P2E game is also straightforward. All players have to do is nurture digital foxes, existing as valuable and rare NFTs. This is necessary. These digital foxes are needed to win battles where the victor receives $GFOX rewards and other collectibles.  

The blend of meme coins, gameplay, and NFTs is a huge advantage, giving Galaxy Fox an edge over other traditional gaming players.

There, gamers have little control and ownership of in-game assets earned from their efforts. The P2E model adopted is key in empowering players and most importantly, encouraging participation even from active gamers who are crypto newbies.  

As meme coin prices cool off, $GFOX holders are upbeat about what lies ahead. They are convinced the token will easily fly by 100X over the coming months, even outperforming top meme coins on Solana and Ethereum.

Every 2% of all $GFOX transactions will be contributed as part of the staking rewards. Also, there is a burning mechanism that will see a steady decline of circulating supply over the years, boosting prices.

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Though Solana and Ethereum are some of the leading platforms, their struggle against MEV bots is evident. 

Although Solana banned multiple validators enabling MEV bots, it has been claimed that this is another indicator that the platform is centralized. 

Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox is rising. Besides its highly coveted top NFTs, the P2E platform is known for its popular blockchain game. As the game finds traction, GFOX prices will only continue rising.

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