Solnarize Reports New Milestones as $SRIZE Presale Surges, Unveils Solar Defender P2E Game Demo and Prepares for Tester Selection


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Solnarize ($SRIZE), a groundbreaking meme coin combining fun and sustainability, is making significant waves within the cryptocurrency and Solana communities. 

Following the recent release of the Solar Defender Play-to-Earn game demo, the $SRIZE presale has experienced a remarkable boost, raising over 250 SOL within minutes of launch.

Solnarize ($SRIZE) Presale is Up and Running

The $SRIZE presale showcases the strength of its unique strategy and the potential of its upcoming play-to-earn game, setting it apart in a market often driven by hype. Solnarize combines the fun of meme culture with substantial utility, making it more than just another entry in the crowded field of meme coins.

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Solar Defender Game Demo Ignites Investor Excitement

The newly released demo of Solar Defender, an eco-friendly play-to-earn game, has sparked a surge of interest among potential investors. The game’s innovative combination of engaging gameplay and clean energy initiatives sets it apart in the crowded meme coin market. Solar Defender offers a thrilling gaming experience while promoting environmental sustainability, making it a true game-changer.

Selecting Solar Defender Game Testers

We are thrilled to announce that we will be selecting game testers from the top participants on the leaderboard to play the Solar Defender game demo. This is a unique opportunity for our community members to experience the game firsthand and provide valuable feedback, helping us refine and perfect the game before its official launch.

$SRIZE Token Utility in Solar Defender

$SRIZE is the core currency within the Solar Defender ecosystem, offering multiple utilities:

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Unlocking Features: $SRIZE tokens are essential for accessing special game features and enhancing gameplay.

Earning Rewards: Players earn $SRIZE tokens as they progress through the game, blending entertainment with real value.

Supporting Sustainability: Every $SRIZE token contributes to clean energy initiatives, aligning with Solnarize’s mission of environmental stewardship.

Presale Details

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $SRIZE

Pre-Sale Allocation: (65%) – 650,000,000 $SRIZE

Presale Duration: 31 Days

Investment Caps: Minimum 0.5 SOL, Maximum 100 SOL

Pre-Sale Price: 1 SOL = 325,000 $SRIZE

Listing Price: 1 SOL = 162,500 $SRIZE

How to Participate in the $SRIZE Presale:

Set Up a Solana-Compatible Wallet: Use wallets like Phantom or Solflare.

Acquire SOL Tokens: Purchase SOL from reputable exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, or Kucoin. Ensure the SOL is transferred to a private wallet, not directly from the exchange.

Join the Presale: Visit the official Solnarize presale page at to find the designated wallet address. Carefully verify the address before sending your SOL.

Receive $SRIZE Tokens: Once the presale concludes, $SRIZE tokens will be airdropped to all participating wallets.

Why Join the Presale Now?

Early Access: Be among the first to play Solar Defender and earn $SRIZE tokens while supporting clean energy initiatives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be an early supporter of Solnarize and a key player in the Solar Defender game. Check your position on the leaderboard, participate in the presale, and climb to the top!

Join the Community

Investors and enthusiasts are encouraged to join Solnarize’s Telegram and Twitter communities to stay updated on the latest developments and exclusive events.

The team has also announced that several partnership and exchange listing announcements are coming next month, which are expected to further boost Solnarize’s visibility and market position.

Join the $SRIZE presale today and secure your position in the next big gem on Solana. Be part of a project that integrates fun, community, and sustainability in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency!

About Solnarize

Solnarize is a pioneering meme coin project on the Solana blockchain that merges the fun of meme culture with the principles of sustainability through a play-to-earn gaming model. Leveraging Solana’s high throughput and low transaction costs, Solnarize aims to offer an engaging and profitable experience while promoting environmental consciousness.

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