South Korea’s Updated Crypto Regulation: What’s Next for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Newcomer Raboo?


South Korea is a nation that typically leads when it comes to crypto regulation. News has broken that The Democratic Party of Korea is looking to launch its own spot Bitcoin ETFs. Bullish news indeed for Bitcoin, but what about Ethereum, and newcomers to the crypto market like Raboo?

Bitcoin ETFs coming to South Korea

With the US SEC driving innovation out of the country, competing nation-states are fighting to prove they have the friendliest crypto regulation to attract these latest nomads. Sure, the US launched nine new Bitcoin ETFs in January, but the success of those hasn’t made much impact on the Democrats, led by crypto-enemy number one, Elizabeth Warren.

Hong Kong and the EU already have Bitcoin ETFs, and with the UK set to launch theirs this month, all the biggest markets are fighting for a piece of the crypto market. Therefore, it’s no wonder tech-savvy South Korea is rapidly catching up, and we should expect Japan to follow suit pretty quickly.

What about Ethereum ETFs?

South Korea may be pressing ahead with a Bitcoin ETF, but there was no mention of any for Ethereum. The Best Man of the crypto market, it’s fallen behind Bitcoin since the announcement of ETFs last year.

The US SEC has a deadline this month for its Ethereum ETF, and even though it’s for TradFi giant BlackRock, nobody is expecting a positive outcome. To be fair, the clarity of US crypto regulation is vague at best, seeing it fall behind after Hong Kong launched an Ethereum ETF.

Raboo will take advantage of the crypto regulation landscape

Raboo is positioned to take advantage of the vague crypto regulation in the US. With an Ethereum ETF likely denied this month, it will likely mean more speculation for other alts as investors stick with Bitcoin and sidestep Ethereum until there’s positive news for it.

Raboo is early in its presale, and it boasts a blend of cutting-edge AI and the culture of memes. Even though its presale is ongoing, it’s already creating an engaging and innovative platform as users who produce high-quality, captivating content get to earn $RABT tokens.

Active participation on the Raboo platform can also unlock special giveaways and airdrops, allowing users to grow their $RABT holdings without investing more capital. What’s more, holding $RABT tokens offers a path to a mouthwatering 100x ROI according to several analysts.

Once it launches and is added to the main exchanges, and as the platform gains popularity and utility, this should lead to token appreciation. With over $1m raised already, a 100x return means the Raboo market cap needs only to reach $100m, and anyone who’s been around the crypto market for any amount of time knows this is easily achieved.


South Korea is ready to join the Bitcoin ETF party, and this will no doubt drive value into the king of crypto. Ethereum is lagging, and an expected denial by the US SEC for its ETF this month might see investors and speculators sidestep it until there’s clearer crypto regulation. This will help newer cryptos like Raboo as investors go for the ones furthest away from the ETF world and, ultimately, the biggest returns.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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