Stage 1 Selling Out Fast: Raffle Coin Looks to 20x Investors Capital in Q2 Pre-Bitcoin Halving & Ethereum Big Corrections


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Raffle Coin has ignited a firestorm of interest with its initial coin offering (ICO) nearly selling out Stage 1 in record time. This rapid sell has investors excited about Raffle Coin’s potential, particularly in light of the upcoming Bitcoin halving and potential Ethereum price corrections.

Raffle Coin’s launch coincides with a period of flux in the cryptocurrency market. The global market cap recently dipped by nearly 6%, with major players like Bitcoin and Ethereum experiencing significant price drops. As a result, many holders are looking to gain 20x ROI gains by investing in early projects like Raffle coin (RAFF)

But what’s the reason behind this keen interest? Let’s find out:

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Bitcoin Surges with Bull Market Fueled by ETFs and Halving Hype

Analysts attribute this to a pre-halving retracement for Bitcoin, a historical trend where the price dips before a block reward reduction event. As of today, April 4th, Bitcoin sits at a price of $66, 234.61, a significant increase from its starting point of around $ 42,000 at the beginning of the year. 

While the current trend is undoubtedly bullish, there’s no clear consensus among analysts about how long it will continue adding fuel to the fire of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, expected to occur on the 19th of April, 2024. 

Historically, halving events, where the block reward for miners is cut in half, have been followed by significant price increases for Bitcoin. Investors are anticipating a similar effect this time around.

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Ethereum Post-Upgrade Optimism Meets Market Correction

Following a period of optimism generated by successful upgrades and the broader crypto market bull run, Ethereum has recently experienced a significant price correction.

Recent weeks have seen a sharp decline in Ethereum’s price. As of April 4th, 2024, Ethereum sits at $3,328.42.

There are also more encouraging signs as Ethereum generated a whopping $1.17 billion in fees during the first quarter of 2024. So why the optimism? Well, this rise represents a staggering 155% increase compared to the same period last year with some analysts even predicting a potential surge to $5,000 later this month.

Raffle Coin Eyes 20x Gains in Q2: Stage 1 Sells Out at Breakneck Speed

Raffle Coin positions itself to capitalize on these market movements obvious in major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. By entering the scene during a potential buying opportunity, the project aims to attract investors with a massive ROI potential in the coming months.

The website outlines a tiered VIP system where higher Raffle Token holders gain greater rewards, further incentivizing investment. Notably, Raffle Coin is targeting a 20x return on investment for early backers in Q2 of 2024.

Early investors can earn crypto for completing specific tasks and achieving milestones on the platform. In addition, token holders have a say in the platform’s future by proposing and voting on changes. Presale investors earn a portion of platform fees based on their token holdings. 

With stage 1 of the presale garnering lots of attention and investment from crypto whales, Raffle Coin is proving to be the possible blue chip cryptocurrency.  

Despite the rapid sellout, Raffle Coin tokens are still available at $0.020 during this presale stage.

For more information on the Raffle Coin presale, visit their website here

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