Stage 6 of Pushd’s E-Commerce Presale Captivates Ethereum & Ripple Giants Buzzing at $0.144 Amid Market Stir


Investors have been paying attention to the current market movements. With the introduction of Social Recovery, Ethereum’s Pectra hard fork has elevated the standard in terms of asset security. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has also commented on a possible RippleETF. And the markets are speculating on it much more now that Paris Blockchain Week has ended.

Also, a new coin that is still in its presale stage has entered the market. The introduction of Pushd is changing e-commerce by developing a decentralized marketplace that rewards users and processes transactions quickly. Now, investors see this new entrant as a door to a stable investment opportunity in a volatile market.

Ethereum: Pectra Hard Fork Propels Social Recovery Feature

Ethereum Improvement Proposal 3074, or EIP 3074, introduced by Ethereum with the Pectra hard fork, has entered the crypto market as a breakthrough proposal. With this enhancement, a user can protect his assets by signing for ownership through invoker contracts using digital signatures. The property has an innovative backup seed phrase if one gets lost, from which users can restore their assets. 

But this brings in the new concern of introducing a malicious contract, as it adds AUTH and AUTHCALL opcodes to implement the implementation securely. Moreover, EIP-3074 aims to eliminate users needing to hold Ether for transaction fees, opening mass retail adoption. With the Pectra hard fork targeting the late 2024-early 2025 window, it will be time for a dramatic evolution of Ethereum.

Ripple: Brad Garlinghouse’s RippleETF Speculation Spurs Interest

While speaking at Paris Blockchain Week, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse teased a possible RippleETF. On the other hand, while discussing XRPLedger and the launch of a USD-pegged stablecoin, there was still controversy regarding whether Garlinghouse was pointing to the regulatory clarity for Ripple within the US. With Ethereum angling for ETF approval, Ripple is among the few cryptos with legal certainty. 

With Ethereum reportedly looking for ETF approval, Ripple trails among a few cryptos with regulatory certainty. In the meantime, while the price action has been consolidating, the Ripple community is riding on bullish indicators and ascending triangle patterns, sensing that a revival in fortunes is waiting to unfold from the long-term range. 

Pushd: E-Commerce Revolution with Stage 6 Presale Surge

Stage 6 of the presale from Pushd has triggered heated excitement from the industry’s influential leaders, with the token price appealing at $0.144. Pushd is rising as a leading decentralized online marketplace that uses blockchain innovation to break down the e-commerce chain. It helps both the buyers and sellers of products transact without bureaucratic barriers and with flexibility for users through blockchain innovation.

Pushd also creates an exuberant, decentralized community brought together by multi-utility, such as multi-purpose debit cards, rewarding participation programs, locked-up tokens, and secured liquidity, among many others, while investing in a secure market with price fluctuations. Pushd is ready to enter a new era of decentralized e-commerce as industry giants take note and look to expand with its growth.

Find out more about the Pushd (PUSHD) presale by visiting the website here

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