Starknet (STRK) Declines Following Highly Anticipated Airdrop; Traders Shift Attention to Polygon (MATIC) and InQubeta (QUBE)


The much-anticipated Starknet (STRK) airdrop is finally here—the biggest so far in 2024, rivaling JUP and DYM. Eligible airdrop participants began their token claims on February 20, with STRK soaring to become a top 100 cryptocurrency.

However, following the airdrop, recipients have been cashing in their chips and taking profits, as expected. This has added sell pressure, with STRK taking a significant hit. With further downsides anticipated, new investors are advised not to FOMO (fear of missing out).

Meanwhile, traders have shifted their focus to Polygon (MATIC) and InQubeta (QUBE), two promising altcoins. Buzzing with potential, these are the best cryptos to buy now.

InQubeta (QUBE): Growing Interest and Explosive Upside Potential

InQubeta (QUBE) is an emerging crypto and one of the most promising new ICOs. It stands out not only for its impressive fundraising—$10 million raised in early funding—but also for its explosive growth potential and the critical role it seeks to play.

It stands at the intersection of AI and blockchain, which are two of the world’s most disruptive innovations. In a nutshell, it aims to reshape the fast-rising AI sector with blockchain technology, specifically the fundraising landscape and accessibility to the market.

To achieve this, it will build the first crowdfunding platform for AI tech startups through cryptocurrency (the QUBE token). Startups will raise capital by minting investment opportunities, which will be represented as equity-based NFTs, and offering them to investors. However, these NFTs will first be divided into bits to allow investors to partially invest in and own stakes in emerging AI businesses.

A token costs only $0.0224 in the seventh stage of the presale—a good entry point considering its staggering growth potential. According to analysts, there will be a 65x jump after its launch, which positions it as the best new crypto to invest in and a recommended presale.

Starknet (STRK): Significant Price Decline Follows Airdrop

Starknet (STRK) is a new player in the crypto space. The Ethereum layer-2 network enables dApps (decentralized applications) to achieve unlimited scale for their computation without compromising Ethereum’s security and composability.

It is at the heart of the current market buzz following its massive airdrop—the biggest in 2024 so far. The airdrop claim kicked off on February 20 and will end on June 20, which is enough time for eligible participants to claim their Starknet rewards.

While the airdrop saw Starknet become a top 100 crypto, rising sell pressure means it is gradually falling down the table. This decline is expected; after all, who wouldn’t take profit on free money? With the downswing persisting, investors are advised to be patient before entering the market.

Polygon (MATIC): A Good Crypto to Buy

Polygon (MATIC) is a well-established Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution. Its solid stance in the blockchain space makes it a favorite destination for developers. Hence, its rising adoption has translated to a price surge, capturing traders’ attention.

In addition, it has been mirroring the overall market conditions, touching $1 earlier this week. With further upside anticipated, Polygon is among the best cryptos to invest in. According to analysts, it will create a new all-time high (ATH) before the end of the year, making it a must-have altcoin.

Given the above, the growing interest in Polygon comes as no surprise. If you wish to position yourself for substantial gains, MATIC is a compelling option. Simply accumulate more and HODL.


Airdrops are often followed by a price decline, and Starknet isn’t an exception. Meanwhile, traders have shifted their attention to Polygon and InQubeta, altcoins with huge growth potential. Poised to skyrocket, you can become an early QUBE holder by following the link below.

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