Stream Coin – DeeStream (DST) attracting big investment in presale from Injective (INJ) & Ethereum Classic (ETC) holders

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Web3 is the future, and the world is embracing it. As we slowly transition into this new age of technology, many industries are beginning to find ways to incorporate Web3 technology into their different markets. Leading this transition in the video streaming industry is DeeStream (DST), and already, many investors are seeing why this new stream coin is the way to go. Despite only being in its presale stage, DeeStream (DST) is attracting massive investment from Injective (INJ) and even Ethereum Classic (ETC) holders.

Injective (INJ) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) have suffered downtime in the market recently. They now might present a perfect opportunity for investors to look away from these coins to others with better potential.

DeeStream (DST) is pioneering a change

Imagine a world where content creators and fans from every corner of the globe can connect seamlessly through a decentralized streaming platform. DeeStream (DST) is pioneering this future and transforming the entertainment industry as we know it. With the transparency and security that blockchain technology offers, both investors and users can rest easy as they engage the platform, and the possibilities are endless.

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Injective (INJ) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are declining

The prices of Injective (INJ) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) have declined in the last 24 hours. Injective (INJ) has had it worse, losing up to 10% of its value compared to last month. Its current price is $33.53, and it is predicted to drop even further. Ethereum Classic (ETC), on the other hand, has had a bit of better fortune. Its current price of $23.66 is 7.75% better than the previous month.

DeeStream (DST) is currently in its presale stage and may present a better investment opportunity. A token is presently selling for $0.035, which is less than both Injective (INJ) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). It is predicted to return a profit margin of more than 50x for investors.

It doesn’t get better than DeeStream (DST)

DeeStream (DST) allows users to connect with their fans, interact, and even receive gifts. Users can deposit and withdraw funds instantly. There are no lengthy checks and no unnecessary delays. To top it off, DeeStream (DST) offers the lowest fees in the industry.

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The platform also places no restrictions on content creators as they are free to express themselves. Streamers can make content as they wish without fear of being banned.

Presale token holders are offered governance rights, meaning they have a say in how the platform runs.

It is no surprise to see the investments coming in torrents. The video-streaming market is predicted to grow to over $270 billion by 2027, making now the best time to invest for more significant profit margins. DeeStream (DST) has strategically placed itself at the center of this growing market. It also has a first-mover advantage, one that many investors in Injective (INJ) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) may be unable to boast of. It’s easy to see why many are making the switch to DeeStream (DST).

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