STRK Spikes on Tokenomics Revamp; Fresh AI Crypto Lures Investors


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Starknet’s community recently witnessed a thrilling moment as the value of its native token, STRK, shot up. This boost in value followed StarkWare’s latest announcement, which came as a response to the community’s concerns about the schedule for unlocking STRK tokens. By choosing to extend this period, StarkWare showed its support to the community, emphasizing its dedication to the core values of blockchain. On another front, there’s a buzz around a new ICO on the crypto block – InQubeta. This AI-focused cryptocurrency ICO is grabbing attention with its stellar presale, offering investors a chance to jump in on an exciting new venture.

InQubeta: Revolutionizing AI Crypto Investment

As the crypto world keeps evolving, InQubeta is stepping up as a game-changer, especially for those fascinated by the engagement of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional crypto investments, InQubeta offers a unique proposition by enabling fractional investments in AI startups through its innovative platform, leveraging QUBE tokens.

InQubeta stands out by democratizing access to high-potential AI ventures, a domain once reserved for the elite investors of Silicon Valley. Through the creation of NFTs representing equity or rewards in AI startups, InQubeta allows everyday investors to participate in the growth of cutting-edge technology, making it a top crypto coin for those disillusioned by traditional tokenomics or seeking to diversify beyond market fluctuations like those seen with STRK.

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QUBE stands as a lighthouse, offering stability through its deflationary design. Every transaction is a step towards profit-making, with a modest 2% fee vanishing into the burn wallet, forever trimming the total supply, while a generous 5% is earmarked as a reward for the stakers. With QUBE, you are not just holding a token; you are holding a key—a key that opens doors to the hallowed halls of innovative AI startups. Here lies the opportunity not just to witness but to partake in the future.

And talking about the presale- it has been a dream run for InQubeta in the last few months. Having amassed over $10.5 million in funding, it has emerged as one of the top ICOs in 2024. This hasn’t stopped them from core development, as we might see an InQubeta swap, DAO, and cross-chain expansion very soon.

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StarkNet’s Strategic Shift

The whole drama around STRK kicked off when StarkWare decided to release a large batch of tokens in April, a decision that didn’t sit well with the community. Starknet’s users and investors were worried that flooding the market with tokens could devalue them and negatively affect their investments.

Responding to this feedback, StarkWare took a decisive step to realign its tokenomics with community interests and blockchain values. The firm announced a dramatic reduction in the number of tokens scheduled for the April unlock, from a staggering 1.34 billion to just 64 million, marking a 95% decrease. They will be rolling out the release gradually, in stages, to keep the market steady and avoid any wild price swings. This strategic move is aimed at creating a more stable environment for everyone involved.

After they shared this news, the STRK token saw a nice bump in its value, a move that’s been warmly received by investors and the community alike. People are really praising StarkWare for being so responsive and adaptable. Their approach not only helped keep the token’s value in check but also solidified their reputation as a company that really listens to what their community wants.


Changes in tokenomics can play a huge role in how a token performs in the long run. The case of STRK is a great example, but a display of community support by the Starknet team is unmatched. On the other hand, InQubeta is redefining AI investment in what is supposed to be a hot trend in the market. With plenty going around, it can be hard to make investment decisions, but doing your own research can surely simplify it.

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