STX and ORDI Struggle For Momentum As Bitcoin Tokens Drop; Experts Predict Rollblock To Lead July For Gains


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STX and ORDI have been struggling to regain momentum after experiencing notable price declines led by Bitcoin’s recent crash to $53,000. Conversely, Rollblock has emerged amongst the top crypto gainers this week, after seeing a meteoric rise of 54% during the past month! With experts predicting it could become the next 100x token of 2024 it is set to play a significant role in the resurgence of the crypto market! 

Today we will discuss the future of all 3 cryptocurrencies and explore their market performances to better understand the best tokens to purchase for future gains!

STX Poised To Lose Yearly Gains

Since reaching its all-time high in April, STX has witnessed a persistent bearish trajectory, now trading 64% below the high. Despite these price losses, STX still boasts an incredible 119% upside over the past year. However, experts predict that the price of STX could lose these gains in the coming weeks. 

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Their negative projections are driven by several factors including the imminent broader market crash, following the impending sell-off of over $8 billion worth of Bitcoin tokens by Mt.Gox to offset its creditors.

Moreover, STX’s market sentiment is currently bearish as its trading volume has also dropped by 42% over the past five days, indicating dwindling investor interest. This lackluster performance was bolstered by a recent interruption in block production on the Stacks network, following a glitch that pushed the network offline for over eight hours.

ORDI Rejects Higher Prices

Similarly, ORDI’s market sentiment is also bearish, and it exhibits a Very High Volatility reading of 19.43%. Despite staging an impressive 17% rebound from Bitcoin’s crash on July 5, it has only registered 13 green days in the last 30 days, underwhelming its investors. 

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Notably, ORDI is currently trading at a key support level of $31.08, however, it is already rejecting higher prices from that point, seeming poised to flip the support into resistance. To successfully bounce up from the support, it may need to witness a surge to $1 million in its trading volume. 

If this happens, ORDI could witness a significant price rally to $39, to fill up an order block at that zone. Conversely, its sell target lies at $27.85– a resistance zone that could serve as a bounce level. A further dip from this level could collapse the price of ORDI to $15. 

Enjoy Unparalleled Gains On Rollblock’s Presale   

Rollblock has revolutionized the GambleFi ecosystem, especially with its play-to-earn native token, RLBK, which is available at Rollblock’s ongoing presale. The presale is geared to reward investors with unprecedented crypto gains, sparking speculation regarding its potential to lead a broader market’s turnaround, given the intense bearish pressure the market has witnessed since the start of July. 

Notably, its ongoing stage 3 is nearing an end, after rewarding Stage 1 investors with over 54% gains. The next stage is geared to equally drive the prices of the presale tokens even higher from their current price of $0.0154, yet Rollblock’s official token launch is projected to spike the prices further by 800%.

This impressive presale performance has drawn significant attention to Rollblock, with many crypto investors increasingly adopting its innovative online casino. Holders of RBLK can seamlessly access over 150 games sourced from top providers on the casino, and receive RBLK tokens as rewards. They also gain a percentage of the casino’s revenues with incredibly high payouts and fast withdrawal rates.

In summary, while STX and ORDI struggle amid bearish pressure following the sharp drop in the Bitcoin token price, Rollblock has maintained its presale momentum, attracting thousands in capital inflows. With its commitment to enhancing trust within the gambling industry, through transparent analytics on betting history, Rollblock is poised for substantial and substantive growth.

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