Sui (SUI) Zooms to Top 10 DeFi Blockchain, Chainlink (LINK) Predicted to Reach $30, Pullix (PLX) Sets For Launch

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Many crypto projects have enjoyed huge progress since their introduction. For example, the Sui (SUI) blockchain has leaped to the top of the DeFi ranking a year after its inception. The development going on with Chainlink (LINK) has made analysts predict a surge to $30 in the coming months. After months of successful presale, Pullix (PLX) presale is set to end in 30 days. With close to $5 million raised in presale, Pullix has been picked as one of the best DeFi tokens in the market currently. 

Pullix (PLX) Highly Successful Presale Set to End in 30 Days

While Sui and Chainlink are predicted for a bullish run, Pullix presale is set to end in 30 days. So far, the platform has raised $4.8 million with more investors set to join the projects in the coming days. 

Solving the age-long liquidity and transparency problems of centralized and decentralized exchanges, Pullix will create a hybrid trading platform where investors can trade without needing the interference of intermediaries. The platform also provides speedy completion of transactions at a lower rate than many competitors. 

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Pullix has tons of rewards and giveaways to its esteemed users with the most catchy giveaways being the Profit share model. In this model, users earn a fixed passive income from the liquidity provided to the automated market makers. The Pullix project has been listed on CoinGecko with 15k users already signed up, signifying the huge traction the project has gained in the crypto market.

Pullix ERC20 token, PLX is currently at the 7th stage of presale and sold for $0.10. There is a 10% bonus for every purchase of the PLX token before the presale finally ends. With this innovative solution that is set to redefine the crypto market, Pullix is one of the best DeFi tokens at the moment. Analysts have projected a 100x surge when launched, making now the best time to invest in the project.

Sui (SUI) Zooms to the Top Level of DeFi Blockchain

Data from the DeFi TVL aggregator, DefiLlama has seen Sui surge to the top echelon of the DeFi blockchain. The data had Ethereum, Tron, BSC, Arbitrum, and Solana in the top five with Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Sui, and Manta completing the top 10.

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The Sui total value locked has skyrocketed by 1000 in the last four months, putting it ahead of major players like Bitcoin and Cardano. Considering that it only came into existence one year ago, the Sui blockchain latest ranking is a testament to its commitment to building products that solve real-life problems.

Analyst Predicts Chainlink (LINK) Surge to Reach $30

Popular crypto analyst Micheal Van de Poppe has predicted a massive Chainlink (LINK) surge in the coming months. Chainlink price has shown bullish signals in the last 7 days as the token price gained a massive 29%.

The Analyst predicted that a continuous trend at this signal trend could help Chainlink mount a serious Bullish challenge. As such, he predicted that Chainlink’s price may surge as high as $30 in the ongoing bull run. Meanwhile, the Chainlink trading volume has witnessed a huge rally in the past week as investors troop in to benefit from the ongoing rally.

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