Survey: Top Fund Managers Bullish on Bitcoin, Ethereum and This New Emerging AI Crypto


Top fund managers always seek ways to profit from new technological developments in the crypto market. Three cryptocurrencies, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and the AI-focused InQubeta (QUBE), have all shown signs of positive momentum. The recent surge in Bitcoin’s value to $51,700 shows that it has recovered from the January 12th decline a month ago. 

During the first nine days of February, the price of Ethereum increased by 10% to over $2,450, propelled by several bullish reasons that helped the cryptocurrency move closer to $2,500. Investors are also bullish about the InQubeta project, as the presale has raised over $9.6 million in a few months, edging towards the $10 million milestone. This article explores the reasons behind the bullish sentiment among fund managers towards these top crypto coins

InQubeta (QUBE) Opens Up Fractional Investments for AI Startups

The cryptocurrency community is paying close attention to InQubeta’s presale, thanks to the backing of notable investors. InQubeta sets itself apart by using blockchain technology to democratize investments in AI (artificial intelligence) startups, a sector rich in innovation but sometimes closed off to the average investor. This crypto ICO bridges the gap between potential investors and emerging tech companies by allowing fractional investments that enable investors to allocate their capital across several projects. 

The platform uses taxes to maintain the staking benefits, which get bigger the longer the asset is staked. Also, QUBE is deflationary. This mechanism guards against inflation’s impacts. This might aid in the stabilization of prices – if there are more tokens available, the protocol burns them. The token burn mechanism also manages internal inflation. To prevent the supply from increasing, a portion of the high tax revenues are burned.

The fundamental component of the crypto ICO’s unique strategy is its ability to enable firms to convert equity or rewards into popular NFTs (non-fungible tokens), resulting in a tangible asset that investors can purchase with QUBE tokens. This strategy establishes a transparent, win-win partnership that is helpful to investors and startups alike. In essence, the QUBE token gives owners access to every aspect of the project and serves as a portal to the InQubeta ecosystem.

The excitement surrounding InQubeta’s presale shows top fund managers are bullish on the kind of returns the project hopes to achieve. Over $9.6 million has been raised over the seven stages of the ten-stage presale. A token only costs $0.0224, and less than 10% remains for the current presale stage to go into the next stage. Experts predict it will rise 6,500% following the official launch, making this a bullish narrative.

Ethereum (ETH) Climbs in Value

Ethereum’s price has risen significantly, reaching heights not seen since the start of the year. According to analysts, ETH’s NFT sales volume surpassed other cryptocurrencies in January, rising to $356 million. The altcoin has not only taken the top spot back but is also outperforming its competitors. It has made a sales volume of nearly $182.8 million over the last seven days.

With ETH’s smart contract technology, NFTs have become a significant force behind the network’s bullish activity. This enables the production and exchange of one-of-a-kind digital assets. These include virtual properties and digital art. There will be a rise in transactions and demand for Ethereum’s native coin because NFTs enable authors to tokenize their creations on the blockchain. As NFTs gain traction, more users and developers flock towards the platform, augmenting the ecosystem with fresh decentralized initiatives and apps that use Ethereum’s infrastructure.

Bitcoin (BTC) Touches $51,600 in Weekly Rally

The biggest digital asset, Bitcoin, hit new highs recently when the price crossed $51,600 witha slight dip to $49,000. Consistent inflows of cryptocurrency into several US ETFs (exchange-traded funds) bolster this rising trend and grow interest in the impending April halving. The approval of the Spot Bitcoin ETF has produced recent data that has significantly raised the price of BTC. The reserves of other ETFs have increased despite a slight withdrawal from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), suggesting that BTC inflows will remain strong through 2024. 

The Bitcoin ETF is anticipated to attract new investors, supporting long-term price growth and proving significant investors who had earlier bet on a price decline wrong. The level at which BTC is trading now corresponds with the peak in March 2022, which attracted a lot of investors. Analysts predict a bull run that could send prices skyrocketing toward a new ATH.


InQubeta has emerged as an exciting project with great potential despite being in the presale stage. Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the top giants in the crypto market. Considering their immense potential for expansion and innovation, top fund managers are becoming more optimistic about these top crypto coins. For investors looking to profit from integrating AI into the blockchain, InQubeta offers an intriguing opportunity, while Bitcoin and Ethereum provide stability.

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