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Ant Group Introduces Sub-brand ‘ZAN’

Ant Group, a leader in financial technology, is set to introduce its latest sub-brand named, ZAN, to concentrate on blockchain solutions.

India’s NPCI Seeks to Hire Blockchain Expert: Details

NPCI is already receiving offers from countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East to upgrade its payment infrastructure.

LSE Group Unveils Ambitious Blockchain-Powered Trading Project

The LSE is doubling down on its ambitious plan to revolutionize the trading industry through blockchain innovation

The Next Big Evolution in MOBA Shooters, Brought to You by...

Coinscribble – August 30, 2023 / PLAYA3ULL GAMES, the innovative minds behind the latest gaming advancements, are proud to unveil NEXUS, a third-person Multiplayer...

Blockchain can Save Institutions $10B by 2030: Ripple Survey

Blockchain offers the ability to save banks and other financial organizations $10 billion in cross-border payment expenses by 2030.

UK National Crime Agency Plans to Hire Blockchain Investigators

The UK National crime agency plans to hire blockchain investigators and has put out an announcement to receive applications

MultiversX to Debut 2FA Standard: Details

Although 2FA is unlikely to take place entirely on-chain, trades on MultiversX must require the execution of authentication codes. 

China’s New Blockchain Center to Train 500K Specialists

The new blockchain center in China will be led by the Beijing Academy of Blockchain and Edge Computing, as per the announcement.

[VIDEO] Solana Takes the Lead, More On-Chain Active Addresses than Ethereum!

Solana (SOL) has just surpassed Ethereum in terms of on-chain active addresses! Find out how this exciting development impacts the crypto world and what...

Web3: Revolutionizing Decentralized Healthcare Systems for a Better Tomorrow

Explore how Web3 and decentralized healthcare systems are reshaping the medical landscape, improving patient care, and empowering globally.

The Role of Blockchain in Web3 Development: Unleashing a New Internet...

Explore the role of blockchain in Web3 development and its potential to revolutionize the internet, from decentralization and security to tokenization and governance.

Elon Musk and Tech Execs Calls for a Pause in AI...

Twitter CEO Elon Musk and other tech executives have signed an open letter calling for a temporary halt to AI development

Revolutionizing the Adult Industry: How Blockchain Technology and Cuminu are Empowering...

The adult industry is an excellent proof of concept for the benefits of blockchain technology, which is centered on security, empowerment, protection, and eliminating...

Blockchains Security Firm Warns of Impending Massive Zero-Day Exploits

Hundreds of Blockchains are now being faced with threats of zero-day exploits that could see them losing about $25 billion worth of crypto

Cardano’s Top NFT Marketplace, JPG Store, Announces Plans To Empower More...

In a little over a year since launch, JPG Store has catalyzed Cardano’s NFT industry to reach over $477M in total sales

Blockchain Education Gain Prominence Amongst Tertiary Institutions

Crypto mainstream adoption and education is gradually pushing its fort into universities and other tertiary institutions globally

Multi-Chain Options Protocol Optix Launches with $1.8m Investment Boost

The native token, OPTIX, will be launched in Q2 2023, when stakers of the token will be able to reduce their trading fees.

TradeFlow and DigiShares sign partnership agreement

TradeFlow and DigiShares sign partnership agreement About TFLOW TradeFlow and DigiShares sign partnership agreement. TFC Services Inc, the company that manages the TFLOW Token and the...

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