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Revolutionizing the Adult Industry: How Blockchain Technology and Cuminu are Empowering...

The adult industry is an excellent proof of concept for the benefits of blockchain technology, which is centered on security, empowerment, protection, and eliminating...

Blockchains Security Firm Warns of Impending Massive Zero-Day Exploits

Hundreds of Blockchains are now being faced with threats of zero-day exploits that could see them losing about $25 billion worth of crypto

Cardano’s Top NFT Marketplace, JPG Store, Announces Plans To Empower More...

In a little over a year since launch, JPG Store has catalyzed Cardano’s NFT industry to reach over $477M in total sales

Blockchain Education Gain Prominence Amongst Tertiary Institutions

Crypto mainstream adoption and education is gradually pushing its fort into universities and other tertiary institutions globally

Multi-Chain Options Protocol Optix Launches with $1.8m Investment Boost

The native token, OPTIX, will be launched in Q2 2023, when stakers of the token will be able to reduce their trading fees.

TradeFlow and DigiShares sign partnership agreement

TradeFlow and DigiShares sign partnership agreement About TFLOW TradeFlow and DigiShares sign partnership agreement. TFC Services Inc, the company that manages the TFLOW Token and the...

Ark Invest CEO Adds Blockchain to Overlooked Innovations in 2022

Ark Invest CEO Cathie Woods has added Blockchain technology and Digital Wallets to the list of overlooked innovations in 2022

WEF Says Crypto Remains Integral to Modern Economy

The World Economic Forum (WEF) shared its position on the cryptocurrency ecosystem as well as its underlying technology in a January 2nd post

Vulcan Blockchain’s Auto-Rebasing Layer 1 Set for Release Q1 2023

Vulcan Blockchain is the first blockchain with a built-in Auto-Rebasing mechanism, which adjusts the circulating supply of $VUL

Canada’s CPPI Halts Its Research Plans in Crypto as Investment Option

Canada's biggest pension fund, CPP Investment (CPPI) has pulled the plug on its research efforts on cryptocurrency

Russia Seeks To Integrate Blockchain Into Global Payment System

President of Russia believes in the establishment of a worldwide payment system that is immune to external influence using blockchain tech.

Israel and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to Begin Digital Bond Testing

Israel and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) is set to commence the testing of a blockchain-backed platform for state digital bonds trading

Turkey Deploys Blockchain to Power its e-Human Projects

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan revealed information about the country’s e-human project which is powered by blockchain.

NACOS Partners with Domineum Blockchain To Train Members

NACOS has entered into a functional partnership with Domineum Blockchain Solutions to train Nigerian computing students

Covalent Equips Prospective Applicants For Blockchain-Inclined Jobs

Covalent, a Web3 data provider and Unified API Key creator backed by Binance has announced the commencement of its new Data Alchemist Boot-Camp program....

SWIFT to Integrate Blockchain in Collaboration with Symbiont

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Technology (SWIFT), a global financial messaging system has set motion to integrate blockchain technology in partnership with Symbiont,...

BC.GAME is now the Argentine Football Association’s Global Crypto Casino Sponsor

Buenos Aires, 8th September 2022–BC.GAME, the award-winning best crypto casino of 2022, and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) have entered into a global agreement...

Malaysian Universities to Offer Women-Centered Blockchain Programmer Courses

In partnership with Malaysia, Women In Blockchain Asia (WIBA) has announced the introduction of blockchain programmer courses precisely for women in seven Malaysian universities....

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