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Major Exchanges in Taiwan Unite to Advance Industry’s Interests

Nine major crypto firms in Taiwan have teamed up with the clear objective of advocating for the interests of the cryptocurrency industry.

Hong Kong Named as the Most Crypto-Ready State in 2023

While the nation with the highest rank is Hong Kong, the United States is reported to have dropped to third position.

Nigeria Turns Out to be the Most Crypto-Aware Country

Nigeria leads all other regions in terms of cryptocurrency consciousness, having 99% of the population familiar with the concept.

China Court Considers Crypto as Legal Property: Details

A court stated that virtual assets have monetary properties and are able to be categorized as property in China.

California Commission Reveals Crypto Requirements for Campaign Disclosures

As per California Commission's manual, a political group could ask for crypto donation as a non-financial donation under certain conditions.

Coinbase Report States 19% of People in New York Own Crypto

Coinbase released a study series titled "United States of Crypto" which confirmed that 19% of New Yorkers own crypto.

Namibia Officially Signs Crypto Bill into Law: Details

The Namibia Virtual Assets Act 2023, was approved by President Hage Geingob and added into the Republic of Namibia's Gazette on July 21.

National Australia Bank Decides to Block Crypto Exchanges

The National Australia Bank chose not to identify the bitcoin exchanges that are most likely to suffer bank blocks. 

Indonesia will Debut Crypto Exchange in July

Bappebti, Indonesia's Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CFTRA), wants to operate a national cryptocurrency exchange in July 2023.

Indian eCommerce Giant Flipkart to Launch 1.1M Web3 Wallets on Polygon

Indian eCommerce giant Flipkart will launch 1.1 million Web3 wallets on the Polygon blockchain in partnership with Jump.trade.

BIT Crypto Exchange Completes VASP registration in Lithuania

Being an officially registered VASP, BIT now has the ability to legally operate transactions within the European Union.

31% of Youngsters in Australia Hold Crypto, Claims Survey

The majority of crypto were owned by people in Australia between the ages of 25 and 49, representing 69% of all investments in crypto.

Bali Governer Warns Tourists Against Usage of Crypto

The use of cryptocurrency for payments in Bali is prohibited, although the trading of digital assets is permitted. 

Crypto Should be Valued as ‘Proper Property,’ Says Sandbox Co-Founder

The founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, stated that digital assets like crypto and NFTs need to be considered as "proper properties."

US Treasury Deliberate on Technological Developments of a CBDC

The US Department of the Treasury has released a press statement concerning the future adoption of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Florida Ranks Highest as U.S Most Crypto-Ready State

Florida, one of the Southernmost states in the United States has been ranked as the most crypto ready state in the country

BIS Says Rising Prices Accounts for Mass Crypto Adoption

A recent BIS report shows that retail crypto investors are backing these assets because of price growth, not for hatred of banks

Subway is accepting Bitcoin payments on three of its stores in...

By providing a 50% discount for a week when customers pay with Bitcoin, Subway is attempting to spread the news about the new payment method. 

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