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MicroStrategy has expanded its total Bitcoin holdings with the purchase of a new tranche of 11,931 BTC worth $786 million

MicroStrategy confirmed an increase in its convertible note offering by 40%, bringing the total to a whopping $700 million.

MicroStrategy is looking to raise the sum of $500 million in Convertible Senior Notes, a sum it plans to use to buy more Bitcoin

Michael Saylor said that ETH ETFs serve as an additional line of defense for Bitcoin, enhancing its legitimacy and stability.

MicroStrategy Orange is open-source, not dependent on sidechains and can process up to 10,000 DIDs in a single Bitcoin transaction.

MicroStrategy (MSTR) stock fell 3.3% in after-hours trading after the announcement, according to Google Finance.

MicroStrategy executive chairman, Michael Saylor, remains resolute in his confidence in the company's Bitcoin stance.

The latest Bitcoin (BTC) purchases worth $2 billion by MicroStrategy has drawn stiff warning from JPMorgan

With a holding of 205,000 BTC valued at a staggering $15 billion, MicroStrategy has emerged as the largest corporate holder of BTC globally. 

MicroStrategy Incorporated has doubled down on its Bitcoin holdings with a new 12,000 BTC worth $821.7 million acquired

MicroStrategy has amassed a portfolio of 193,000 BTC as part of its corporate treasury but BlackRock has officially surpassed that number.

MicroStrategy intends to grant the initial buyers of the notes an option to acquire up to an additional $90 million in aggregate principal.

MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor predicts a demand for Bitcoin in the energy sector, particularly as AI development progresses.

MicroStrategy has bolstered its Bitcoin holdings with a new $155 million purchase bringing the firm's total holdings north of 193,000 BTC

MicroStrategy also posted a net income of 89.1 million after suffering from losses worth $249.7 million in the year prior.

MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor has started selling millions of shares to buy Bitcoin, continuing his aggressive Bitcoin standard

In a move reflecting confidence in the future of Bitcoin (BTC), MicroStrategy, a leading business intelligence firm, acquired 14,620 BTC

Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy notably acquired a total $5.3 million Bitcoin in October, increasing its total BTC positions

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