Tether Expands Investments Beyond Stablecoins to Include AI


Slowly and steadily, USDT issuer Tether is gradually expanding its services across other industries including Artificial Intelligence (AI). Markedly, Tether made a strategic investment worth $18.75 million into blockchain-enabled financial institution XREX Group. This beneficiary is a blockchain-enabled financial institution that is focused on facilitating cross-border settlements using Tether’s flagship stablecoin USDT. 

The fund injection is crucial to XREX’s next moves that involve streamlining financial transactions in emerging markets, and offering businesses increased efficiency as well as reduced costs. 

In addition to how XREX plan to utilize the fund, the financial institution intends to work with the Unitas Foundation to introduce a United States dollar-pegged stablecoin over-reserved with Tether Gold (XAUt). The potential stablecoin is dubbed XAU1.

Tether Demonstrates Financial Inclusion Commitment 

For the stablecoin issuer, the investment is one of its strategies for demonstrating its unwavering commitment to fostering financial inclusion in emerging markets. 

Furthermore, the funding is in sync with “Tether’s long-term vision of building a resilient infrastructure that extends beyond the confines of the crypto market, as demonstrated by our diversified investments in various industry sectors,” according to Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s CEO. Overall, this statement reflects Tether’s goal of creating a comprehensive financial framework that encourages diverse economic activities.

Tether Injects $150M in Bitdeer 

It is worth noting that Tether previously got involved in a $150 million private placement financing deal with blockchain and high-performance computing firm Bitdeer. The massive investment gave the stablecoin issuer a private placement of 18,587,360 Bitdeer Class A ordinary shares. Tether also secured a warrant to purchase an additional 5,000,000 shares at $10 each.

In the long run, the initiative generated up to $100 million in gross proceeds. If Bitdeer decides to exercise the full warrant option, there is the possibility of an additional $50 million.

Tether in the AI Industry 

Previously, Tether unveiled a bold strategic expansion plan to intensify its focus on AI technology. Shortly after, Tether’s capital injection into the AI space was made to Blackrock Neurotech which specializes in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology. Approximately $200 million was invested in the company two months ago. During the 2024 Token2049 Dubai Conference, Ardoino hinted at the upcoming increase in AI-driven investments.

Generally, this expansion across several birders is focused on establishing the large stablecoin issuer. The firm is only looking towards the education sector.

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