The 3 Best Cryptos to Buy Before the NFT Market Booms


NFTs have a seriously bad rep, but that’s because they were overhyped by people who don’t understand the potential of digital originals. NFTs are widely employed in the online gaming sector, worth almost $250 million. This is not a market to lose out on. The best cryptos to buy right now will all include some kind of NFT element, as the NFT market is set to go sky-high. Floki Inu is leading the charge on NFT coins, while Theta Token is coming in at a close second. However, it is newcomer Raboo taking the spoils with its ongoing presale.

Floki Inu (FLOKI):  the Viking punting NFTs

Sitting comfortably on a market cap of $1.8 billion, Floki Inu leads NFTs. While it may be known as a meme coin, Floki Inu is an entire ecosystem! It likes to call itself a ‘movement’ – maybe it is, maybe it’s not. But one thing Floki Inu is: it’s profitable! Floki Inu turned almost 500% in year-to-date figures, and since the markets lost its conviction and retreated in April, Floki Inu is one of the few coins to leave a green candle for April.

But Floki Inu is far from over. According to projections, this coin is expected to sprint to a 3x increase in the next month, and word on the street is a 10x jump within the next year. Floki Inu is one of the best cryptos to buy to capitalize on the renewed enthusiasm around NFTs.

Theta Token (THETA): The Embodiment of the resurgence of NFTs

As with so many other tokens, Theta Token peaked in 2021 at the height of crypto madness. And like so many others, Theta Token came crashing down to earth. The difference, however, is that Theta Token is showing legitimacy in the market, and NFTs are just one of its claims to fame. 

A 3x climb in year-to-date figures puts Theta Token at a market cap of $1.7 billion, above Bonk, Lido, and Algorand, and Theta Token’s trading volume is higher than Monero and Stellar. If it’s NFTs you’re after, Theta Token could be a safe bet!

Raboo (RABT): The Meme Coin NFT Phenomenon

Newcomer Raboo is entering into the crypto market with a bang. While it is much more than an NFT coin, Raboo’s NFT marketplace deserves a closer look. Aimed at artists and digital asset creators, the Raboo NFT market is designed from the ground up to make NFTs worth it again. Raboo enables users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs using the Raboo token, the primary currency in the Raboo ecosystem. 

Raboo offers a great deal more than NFTs, with feet in the DeFi and meme coin markets. Raboo has already gained almost $1.5 million in liquidity and is one of the best cryptos to buy


NFTs are maturing, and the wise investor will make use of this info by investing in the three best cryptos to buy to profit from this resurgent market. Floki Inu is a good buy, and Theta Token is arguably undersold and ready to explode. However, for maximum growth potential, the Raboo presale is the place to go, with tokens available at $0.0042.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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