The Path to Your 1st $1 Million: Memecoins, DePIN and DeFi

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The bull market is back, and narrative trades are center stage. In this bull market, anything is possible, and the path to $1 million is filled with memecoins, DePIN projects, and DeFi superstars. The secret to hitting it big this cycle is ICOs and learning how to buy new crypto before listing. Time to dive into the hottest narratives of 2024 and some of the best projects that can turn any portfolio into a winner over the next eighteen months.

Memecoins: Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)

Last cycle memecoins were seen as speculative gambles. In this cycle, they are integral parts of culture. Memes are here to stay and promise to deliver some of the most oversized returns. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy for memecoin exposure. Still in its presale and loaded with features, this gem is ready to fly.

It has a great ticker, a viral aesthetic, and the other classic characteristics of any memecoin. Its token burn guarantees a deflationary nature for $GFOX, and it has gone one step further, building a unique tax system that funds various ecosystem goods. Even staking rewards are funded via taxes, meaning there are no inflationary emissions to reward stakers and a truly down-only supply post-launch.

Galaxy Fox also features a P2E component; anybody can turn gaming acumen into cash in this galactic ecosystem. Its Web3 runner game pays out prizes at the end of each season and acts as the perfect onboarding funnel for new users. Blazing past $3 million in presale funding, Galaxy Fox has one of the most robust trajectories among memecoins and easily ranks in the top 5 cryptos to buy now.

DePIN: Filecoin ($FIL)

The DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) narrative revolves around using token incentives to create physical infrastructures in real-world things such as wireless networks/ cloud services. It is about redesigning standard infrastructure on blockchain rails. Filecoin

Filecoin ($FIL) is the golden child of the DePIN narrative and a success story from the 2017 ICO mania. It raised nearly $250 million, and at $FIL’s ATH of $187, a $100 investment would have netted nearly $4,000. These kinds of returns are only available in ICOs, and this is why investors need to learn how to buy new crypto before listing.

Deploying a decentralized storage network/ marketplace has allowed users with spare space to earn from users with additional space. Instead of using a centralized solution like AWS, users can store their data in Filecoin’s distributed cloud services. Demand for storage is up only, and $FIL is another of the top cryptos to buy right now. 

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DeFi: Solana ($SOL)

Solana ($SOL) is the obvious DeFi play, and this low latency layer one has shown phenomenal strength recently. Trading volume on Solana has eclipsed that of Ethereum several times, and now its central DEX Jupiter is outshining even Uniswap. Betting on $SOL this cycle is an easy play, and the general consensus grows that $SOL is this cycle’s Ethereum.

Closing Thoughts: Making the First Million

Making the first million seems like a wild and even improbable dream, but investors must remember that this is crypto. Imagine a $500 investment in Galaxy Fox. This presale pulls a 100X. Investors only need to find another 10X memecoin gem and then a final 2X play on a major asset. That is only three trades.

Learn how to buy new crypto before listing today by participating in the Galaxy Fox presale. Set to launch later this year, it is already dubbed 2024’s hottest ICO. 

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