The Ultimate 2024 Crypto Portfolio – Should You Include SUI (SUI), (FET), And Algotech (ALGT)?


Although crypto investment is risky and volatile, putting money into stable and long-term growth-oriented projects can give you handsome returns. Therefore, crypto investors across the globe are pouring millions into Algotech (ALGT) presale. This new project has captured all attention with its unique business roadmap, and growth potential. Even holders of SUI (SUI) and (FET) are finding ALGT profitable.

SUI Surpasses Solana in Daily Transactions

The SUI blockchain has achieved a massive feat in terms of network activity. Recently, the SUI network surpassed Solana in terms of daily crypto transactions. As per the latest on-chain data, the SUI network has reported over 41 million crypto transactions in a single day, indicating a growing adoption.

According to experts, the upcoming launches of new dApps on SUI have further popularized the network. Besides, the recent partnerships of SUI with First Digital and BytePlus have also increased its user base.

However, the price movement of SUI has been extremely southward. It has dropped by more than 37% in the past month. Consequently, SUI is currently available to trade at $1.05.

Whales Shed Their Holdings

The ecosystem has witnessed a significant amount of whale transactions. This comes at a time when has lost 21% of its market value in the past month. Hence, at the time of writing, is changing hands at $2.22.

The latest on-chain data shows that two whales recently deposited 4.9 million FET tokens to the Binance exchange. According to experts, whales generally transfer their tokens from their wallets to crypto exchanges when they want to shed holdings. Therefore, the community is worried about a potential price correction in FET.

Meanwhile, the foundation has minted about 1.48 billion FET tokens to meet the need arising from its latest actions regarding The Superintelligence Alliance (ASI).

Algotech Emerges As The New Presale King

Algorithmic trading is the future, and Algotech (ALGT) is ready to lead the charge. With experts predicting growth in this sector, the platform is launching at the perfect time. As per Mordor Intelligence, the algorithmic trading market can grow at an annual growth rate of 8.53% by 2029.

If you’re sick of staring at crypto charts, and feeling like you’re missing crucial pieces of the puzzle, Algotech is the solution. Its powerful AI analyzes mountains of market data, uncovering hidden patterns, and potential profit opportunities that most of us would completely miss.

Algotech also offers learning tools, friendly support, and a place to connect with other traders. Besides, the platform is lightning-fast so you can capitalize on those big trading moments.

Algotech’s “Reward Levels” system is also very lucrative. The more you get involved, the bigger is the potential share of the company’s profits! You can earn a whopping 10% of the platform’s revenue as a passive income.

The platform’s presale is selling out fast. With experts predicting token prices to explode, it is your chance to get in early. If you hold ALGT tokens, you’re in for even more sweet perks – presale bonuses and a chance to win prizes like iPads. Currently, tokens are a steal at just $0.08 each.

Key Takeaway

While diversifying your crypto portfolio is crucial to managing risk, specific coins present mixed signals. For example, SUI (SUI) boasts impressive transaction volume, however, its price has taken a significant downturn. Similarly, (FET) experiences whale activity that suggests potential price drops. In contrast, Algotech (ALGT) shines with its booming presale, innovative AI-powered trading solutions, and unique community rewards program. Therefore, Algotech emerges as a compelling addition to a well-rounded 2024 crypto portfolio.


To learn more about Algotech, visit the Algotech presale website or join the Algotech community. 

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