The “YouTube” of Crypto – Hedge Fund Director Marks DeeStream (DST) over Sui (SUI) & BONK (BONK) for Gains in 2024

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Blockchain technology is changing the way we experience and interact with the internet. It has virtually streamlined traditional web2 features, giving us new and exciting use cases with web3.

With the new and exciting features that DeeStream (DST) brings to the Blockchain, it is no surprise that hedge fund directors and crypto pundits have tagged DeeStream (DST) over other assets like Sui (SUI) and BONK (BONK) for mammoth gains in 2024.

SUI (SUI) and its Slow Climb to a $3 Peak

SUI (SUI) is a layer 1 Blockchain solution with features that serve to improve overall throughput. It impressed market observers when it rose above 90% of its initial value within 90 days of launch.

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Despite the adoption of the SUI (SUI) is pretty low, and there isn’t enough trust in the project yet because there is no clear and unique use case for it. Coupled with that, as of May 2023, the TPS (Transaction Per Second) for the protocol was at 3, an unimpressive comparison to other projects. By Coinmarketcap, SUI (SUI) is trading at around $1.6, with 11% of its total supply in circulation.

BONK (BONK): Yet Another Doggo-themed Token

BONK (BONK) is a meme token on the Solana ecosystem that facilitates seamless transactions across the ecosystem. The BONK (BONK) project has seen a lot of positive price activity these past few months, and it is the leading contributor to the Solana (SOL) 30% value rise.

BONK (BONK) launched on 25th December 2023, with 50% of the total supply airdropped to various artists, investors, holders, and NFT collectors within the ecosystem.

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The presale event also released more of the tokens into circulation, and with a current circulatory volume of 63%, there are concerns about price manipulation, insider dumping, and rug pulls. An undoxxed team, a lack of use case, and an unstable price activity have raised red flags on the security of the project.

Is DeeStream (DST) really the answer?

As a DeFi streaming platform that aims to promote free speech and community governance by granting rewards and incentives to investors and users, the use case of this asset is never in question. DeeStream (DST) connects creators and fans across the globe, yet ensures safety, transparency, and gains every step of the way. These feats are significantly different from regular streaming platforms like YouTube, Instagram Live and Twitch.

The platform boasts a 300m total supply with a 50/50 revenue-sharing plan between the presale holders and the DeeStream (DST) network. The DST token is currently in its presale phase for the steal price of $0.035, with expectations of a price surge as the events of the project’s roadmap are being ticked off.

The project has also passed an external audit and will lock its liquidity for life to secure investments and prevent insider dumping. DeeStream (DST) is hosted on the Ethereum chain to facilitate scalability and further secure the project.

Price predictions are bullish for DeeStream (DST), which has made it a potential blue-chip altcoin and a safe bet for gains in 2024.

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