This Week In Crypto: Bitcoin Breaks Through $70k, Raboo Bags $1.67m In Liquidity, and Notcoin Smashes New ATH


There is a big week ahead for crypto enthusiasts, it is going to be bullish. It’s time again to make history because Bitcoin just reached a new record to glow at $70,000. But that’s not all – Notcoin, another exciting project, is also hitting new peaks. And the party doesn’t stop there – Raboo, a red-hot meme coin, just crushed its presale goals. Want to know what is behind this surge? Read on to discover why these coins are running up the greens right now.

Bitcoin breaks through $70k

Bitcoin has now also risen and broken through $70,000, which appears to be a new high. This is no small achievement – it breaks through a significant barrier – an area that acted as a resistance level. This breakout could indicate that some of the cautious investors are coming into the market to purchase Bitcoin since it looks like it has established itself for the long term.

However, it is critical to mention that Bitcoin’s $70,000 is a psychological barrier. Round numbers often hold weight in investing, and surpassing this one suggests a surge in confidence.  Imagine people are more likely to buy a movie ticket if they think it’ll be a blockbuster, and that same logic applies here – confidence breeds more confidence, potentially fueling Bitcoin’s next climb.

The reasons behind Bitcoin’s surge are likely a mix of factors. Increased interest from big institutions, who are pouring money into crypto, is a major one. Positive news around regulations and real-world uses could also be boosting optimism. With all these tailwinds, several analysts are painting a very bullish picture of BTC’s future and some are pointing towards even higher prices.

Notcoin smashes new ATH

Notcoin has just achieved a landmark moment. It reached a new ATH rising close to 400% from its previous value at the beginning of the week. It is currently now in the top 4 of the most traded cryptos in the market, with a daily volume of $4.5 billion. Now, that is no small feat. 

This is a big deal for two reasons. First, it shows investor confidence is surging. People are willing to pay more for Notcoin, which suggests they believe in the project’s future potential or they’re just trying to get on the train before they miss out. Second, reaching an ATH can attract even more people, who might jump in before the price climbs even higher. It’s kind of a snowball effect – excitement breeds more excitement.

So, what’s driving Notcoin’s price surge? It could be a few things, like the project releasing new information about long-lasting plans on its Twitter or its association with the TON ecosystem which is also going on rampage right now. Whatever the reason, Notcoin is one to watch. 

Raboo bags $1.67m in liquidity

Raboo, the meme coin that’s been making waves online, just landed a major win! It crushed its presales taking $1.67 million in liquidity. Here is why it would be a big deal for a new project.

In Raboo’s case, this money will fuel development, allowing them to build out their features and reach a wider audience.  Plus, a successful presale round is a big confidence booster. Many people are interested in Raboo, and such interest from investors usually brings more and more individuals to invest in the project. Over these few months, Raboo has amassed a registered user base of over 8,000 plus a community of over 2,500 token holders. Having already done excellent work in their presale segment, they have the necessary ingredients to soar high.


It ends up being a bull run week for the history books. Bitcoin hit a new high to reach over $70000. Notcoin also gaped through its all-time high to add to the increasing investors’ confidence. And the party doesn’t stop there – Raboo, the red-hot meme coin, just crushed its presale goals, securing vital funds for future development. This bullish sentiment paints a bright picture for the crypto market, especially for exciting projects like Raboo. As we have seen Raboo has the right community in place and a successful presale behind it; plus, it has a lot of room to expand its services. Raboo may be the ticket to the moon as it is the next big thing on the rise.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here



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