Three 100X Coins to Buy Now! $GFOX, Akash Network and $IOTX

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Memecoins have taken center stage in the past year with $SHIB, $BONK and $PEPE doing over 1000x from their pre-launch prices. But those kinds of returns are very few and far between – the proverbial crypto needle in a haystack. 

To determine what coins will explode in 2024, our team of experts have sampled the top picks. We’ll take a look at the price potential of $GFOX, $AKT, and $IOTX. Find out the must-have for investors looking for small-cap coins that could do anywhere from 100-1000x in 2024. Enjoy the read!

$GFOX 1000x Prospects

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) launched its presale in 2023 but has already reached Stage 7 of its ICO. Having raised almost $3 million from 91.95% of tokens sold at $0.00198 per token, $GFOX is the analysts’ top choice for 100x profit in 2024. 

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Galaxy Fox was designed to blend meme culture and Play-to-Earn (P2E) features. The coin’s performance over the last few months can be attributed to its utility and strong community support on different social platforms. Thanks to its developers and community network, $GFOX is leading the GameFi niche with strong potential to outperform $AXS, $MANA, and $SAND.

$GFOX is a key asset for P2E gaming as it enables gamers to purchase boosters and NFTs. It is also a passive income for investors through staking. Upon its launch, $GFOX will be listed in major exchanges as a payment option, which will contribute to its 100x price appreciation.

With its current ICO, $GFOX is on a sporadic path to $7 million. Although $GFOX is set to hit $0.002178, the coin’s current prelaunch price is relatively low, presenting an opportunity for early investors to cash out big in the next few months. By the end of February 2024, $GFOX is projected to cross the $5 million mark.

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Akash ($AKT) Price Potential in 2024

The partnership between Helium and the Akash network in 2021 was a major leap for the crypto market in terms of collaborative efforts. Both network’s wireless technology, 5G, and other IoT features were expected to propel $AKT to new heights.

$AKT is Akash Network’s native utility token. It was designed to secure transactions in the blockchain and incentivize participants. $AKT is one of the few web3 protocols that generate revenue from transaction fees and stakes.

The token is a viable tool for pricing, lease settlement, and multiple income opportunities. Akash minimizes $AKT price volatility through unique settlement options described in its whitepaper. The coin’s tokenomics include an inflationary model and redistribution of fees to stakers, which further contributes to $AKT’s profitability. Despite potential market concerns with 13% inflation rates, Akash’s commitment to the growth and security of the coin through token incentivization remains strong.

With its AI potential, computational reserves, and a circulating supply of 57%, $AKT is quite promising. Market analysts have predicted a major increase in the price of $AKT, which may surpass its previous all-time highs. Given the team’s dedication to building a robust ecosystem during the bear market, one can only expect positive price changes with $AKT in 2024. $AKT is currently $2.37 with a 24-hour trading volume of $7886084.13.

$ IOTX’s 2024 Price Prediction

IoTeX (IOTX) is a decentralized network that supports open-machine economics. Hence, its utility token, $IOTX, was designed to aid transactions in IoT devices on the platform. However, since its launch, $IOTX has also been utilized for staking, network management, and device registration, further influencing its popularity and price. 

Despite market fluctuations, $ IOTX’s price is solely linked to IoTeX’s innovative performance. This was evident when IoTeX launched the ioTube v5, a cross-chain bridge with Polygon, which immediately increased the $IOTX market value and price.

Since 2017, when IoTeX was founded, the company has created secure communication networks between people and machines. The company offers users access to AI applications, assets, and services. As expected, the company’s innovations have had ripple effects on the market value and price of $IOTX.

With IOTX’s commitment to supporting the community of smart devices, DApps, and digital assets and its 100,000+ community members, there’s no limit to how far $IOTX can go in 2024. $IOTX is trading at $0.045396, with a 24-hour trading volume of $13.32 million.

Bottom Line

The three coins, $GFOX, $AKT, and $IOTX, discussed in this review hold promising price potential for investors in 2024. However, $GFOX’s Play-to-Earn features potentially allow early investors to make 1000x their investment while $AKT and $IOTX’s innovative AI potentials will propel new all-time highs for both coins in 2024 with 100x returns well within the realm of possibility. .

While $AKT and $IOTX have been around for a while, $GFOX’s recent market performance and micro-cap presale status has puts it out in front. With its current market value and projected price, $GFOX is clearly the best memecoin to buy now for those looking for 1000x returns.

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