Toncoin, DTX, and Cardano Are The Best Coins To Accumulate Before The Bull Run


Toncoin (TON), DTX Exchange (DTX), and Cardano (ADA) hold high potential in the next bull run. Meanwhile, analysts project price gains of 224.55% for Toncoin and 5.41% for Cardano.


Toncoin’s Technicals and Fundamentals Look Promising    

Toncoin (TON) soared to an all-time high of  $7.63 in the second week of April 2024 amid rumors of Telegram’s potential IPO. Before this peak, TON’s value surged by 149.1%, rising from $2.28 to $5.68 in March. Following this achievement, TON became the ninth-largest token by market cap. 

However, a drop followed as the general cryptocurrency market crashed, and TON’s price fell by 47.9% to $2.96 in the same month. At the time of writing, Toncoin was trading at $6.39, and market analysts predicted a staggering 224.55% increase to $20.74 by the end of Q2. Amidst a tumultuous crypto market, Toncoin’s impressive trajectory hints at a successful bull run.

Is DTX a Prime Altcoin for the Bull Rally?

DTX Exchange (DTX), a presale token, has been drawing attention following remarkable presale performances that surpassed all expectations. The initial stage soared by 100%, propelling the token from $0.02 to $0.04. 

By the launch on major exchanges, a staggering 500% profit is anticipated, with the value potentially reaching $0.12. Moreover, DTX Exchange’s thriving ecosystem has been pivotal in positioning DTX for the bull run. 

Introducing 1000X leverage, it offers a trading hub built for optimal performance, combining the benefits of centralized and decentralized platforms. With such a strong foundation, DTX is a prime altcoin for the bull rally and one of the best coins to invest in today.


Increased Demand for Cardano Expected Before the Bull Run  

Cardano (ADA) stands out for its commitment to sustainability and scalability. Its proof-of-stake system conserves energy and heralds it as an eco-friendly option. 

Moreover, Cardano has outshone many well-established peers with remarkable performance. Since January 2024, its YTD has increased by 170%, translating to a price growth of 1.7 times. 

From a modest $0.23 in October 2023, ADA’s value skyrocketed by 252.17% to $0.81 in early March 2024, only to recede to $0.4 in April. Yet, this resilient cryptocurrency rebounded by 27.5%, climbing to $0.51 in May. 

At the time of writing, Cardano was trading at $0.46, with expert analysis forecasting a further ascent of 4.35% to $0.48 by the end of the second quarter. Furthermore, the Fear & Greed Index read 74, signaling robust demand for this token. 

Cardano’s performance and optimistic price predictions suggest a promising bull run ahead. Consequently, this makes it one of the best coins to invest in 2024.

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