Top 3 Underrated Cryptos that You Can’t Miss: Shiba Inu Did Not Make the List (Worldcoin, Render, RNDR)


Popular tokens like BTC, ETH, and Shiba Inu (SHIB) make up most crypto investment portfolios. However, if you are looking for altcoins that can deliver massive ROI, experts have recommended Worldcoin (WLD), Render (RNDR), and Algotech (ALGT). Keep reading to see why these analysts chose these tokens for investment in June.  

SHIB Dips Amid Shibarium Efficiency Upgrade

Recently, Shiba Inu news revealed that the Shibarium network has cut down its bridge time to Ethereum from seven days to 45 minutes. According to crypto experts, this means Shiba Inu community members can now manage their assets and adapt to market changes immediately when using the Shibarium blockchain. Even though this upgrade indicates growth in SHIB’s ecosystem, SHIB went bearish in early June.

On May 28, SHIB sold for $0.00002568. By June 4, SHIB already lost 8.64% and traded for $0.00002383. According to crypto analysts, SHIB is not the best coin to invest in today because investors are divesting away from social-driven meme coins. As a result, some experts are still bearish on SHIB in June and SHIB may trade for $0.00002150 before the end of the month.

Worldcoin Surges Amid Ecosystem Expansion

On June 3, Worldcoin announced that RISC Zero (a leading general-purpose zkVM platform) is coming to Worldcoin. According to the circular, RISC Zero will help Worldcoin Chain free up its blockspace through proof aggregation. By leveraging universal steel and verifier, Worldcoin will unlock limitless processing power for its superchain ecosystem.

As a result of Worldcoin’s ecosystem progress, WLD sustained its crypto bull run in Q2 2024. On May 6, WLD traded for $0.005101. A month later, WLD gained 7.84% and traded for $0.006996. According to crypto analysts, WLD’s progress over the last few weeks indicates that investors are buying into Worldcoin’s vision of a verified, human blockchain community. Therefore, we may likely see WLD trade for $0.009950 before July.    

RNDR Starts Off June on a Bullish Note

On June 3, the Render Foundation announced that it would give out grants to creators building next-gen 3D projects. According to reports, the Render Foundation will accept quick pitches from different creators and choose the ones that align with Render’s goals and objectives. If you scale through this first stage, the Render Foundation will invite you to submit a longer and more comprehensive proposal.

Thanks to community engagement efforts, Render crypto stayed bullish in early June. On May 29, RNDR traded for $10.17. A week later, RNDR gained 4.35% and sold for $10.76. Interestingly, crypto analysts are backing RNDR to gain a massive price surge in Q3 2024 because the Render community recently voted to amend RNP-000, RNP-013, and RNP-015. Therefore, RNDR will likely trade for $15.50 by July.

Experts Say ALGT May be the Best Crypto Investment in 2024

Crypto trading is difficult, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you back this new decentralized algorithmic platform called Algotech. Algotech is set to invest in trading research and development to come up with innovative crypto market strategies such as mean reversion, hedging, trend following, and many others. By investing in Algotech early, you get to enjoy voting governance rights and dividends from Algotech’s fund pool.

FYI, Algotech raised $1.1 million in two days when ALGT sold for $0.02 during its seed/private sale. Furthermore, ALGT is set to begin its first presale stage anytime soon and ALGT will sell for $0.04 when this happens. At the end of all presale stages, ALGT will launch in the mainstream crypto market for $0.15 and deliver a massive 275% ROI to its early investors. According to crypto experts, ALGT is one of the best cryptos to buy this year.    

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